May 18, 2010

Mounted Pop-outs

There are so many creative things you can do with a computer, some graphics, and photo paper! Here is a FUN way you can make any image "pop"!

We are working on dressing up our booth for the Casual Blogger Conference.  Last week I went to our one and only Utah Ikea and bought a few frames from the RIBBA collection. This small 5.5x5.5 frame is priced at $4.99 and the 9x9 is $9.99. These frames  are 1 3/4" thick.

All graphics are made with Deena Rutter's Happier Kit.

 For this project we are using the outside dimensions (6.5x6.5) and mounting our image on 3/16" foam core to the top/outside of the frame.

Here is the 6.5x6.5 image I am using, printed on our pro matte paper and mounted on foam core. Then we used spray adhesive to mount it on top.

You can stack em, or hang them up!

Another idea would be to display a child's photo and store any "keepsakes" inside, as there is a significant amount of hidden space!

Just for fun, here are some water bottles that we have put together.

We will be sure to post pictures from our Booth when it is up and complete!


  1. These are great! What kind of adhesive did you use on the water bottle labels?

  2. Melinda, actually when you rip off the label (these are sized for arrowhead and there is a free template download on our site
    the "sticky" from the original label is still there. I like to print these on glossy photo paper (waterproof) as it seems to blend more. Then I just stick a little piece of glossy tape over the "overlap", it will blend right in! Super easy!

  3. how do you mount it on foam core? is that a size you can get right off the shelves or did you cut it yourself?

  4. Joy, good question. Mounting isn't something you can buy at any store. These are dry mounted in a vacuum heat press with added texture & coating on a 3/36" foam core. We can custom mount any size for you ranging from an additional $5-$10. Feel free to email us with any custom requests!