March 28, 2012

Top 5 Photo Displays

Springtime is near.

Time to brighten things up a bit, put away the quilts, and pull out the Gerber Daisy's!

Some call it "spring cleaning". Whatever is in the air, I like it.

An easy and affordable way to freshen up your environment is with a photo wall or display.

In a creative funk? We have compiled our top 5 Photo displays to help inspire.

1. Instagram Wall
    ...or a collection of symmetrical squares that tell a story. Highlights of the previous year?

2.  Tell your Story in a BIG way
      20x20 Mounted Photographic Prints  
          (..pssst.. our 20x20 photographic prints are only $26.99 + $20 mounted)

3. Composition
  Rule of Thirds isn't just for the lens.  Accent your photo wall with an offset piece of furniture.

photo wallphoto wall

4. It doesn't always have to be a Portrait. 
 Brighten things up with color. Take landscape or macro photos of objects. Decorate your space with graphics, or wall art.
Kara Roberts Photography via ClickinMoms

5. Who says you have to use Frames? 
    Clip Boards are affordable and work great too!

via: HGTV

It is my personal goal to get out, take some photos, and "renew" my environment.
We would love to see your ideas! 

Want to add to our list?  Leave a link in the comments.

For more ideas, see our Pinboard.
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March 27, 2012

Kodak Commercial

You will live forever, through your pictures. They are talking, telling a story. Don't let your story end.

This is an old Kodak Commercial, but everytime I watch it... I get emotional. If you haven't seen it... take a few minutes to watch.

March 18, 2012


It's that time of year.. or so they's WEDDING SEASON!

(I was married in the fall?)

Yesterday, Lizzy and I took a trip to the Utah Wedding Expo at Thanksgiving Point.

I have to admit, I did not visit an Expo, or wedding event, prior to my 1997 nuptuals. (were they non existent back then?)

--> Wedding ideas, planning & services are brought to one place. It's multi tasking heaven for a bride! (we did see a few grooms, but c'mon guys, we know that you don't really care about the little details.. do you?)

Weddings can be so overwhelming. These types of events can definitely help.
Here are a few highlights that caught our eye: (apologies for the iPhone shots in a dark environment)


Super cute idea for a "tennis" couple 
(LUV spelled out in tennis balls)

Photographer, Kim Bullock, showed off her 12x12 mounts on a free standing brick wall.

The dress models were bored just standing there, so we took pictures.

A "western" inspired Wedding. 
We loved the fun striped straws in the Kerr canning jars!

Bride & Groom Table. Fabric Letters.

Lizzy (single) is a bit overwhelmed.

Photo Booths are a big hit this year.... and of course, Persnickety Prints Wedding Announcements!


Design your own announcement, or hire a designer. Friends and Family might not make it to the wedding, but your announcement will most likely make it to their fridge!
Need help? We have graphic designers available.

At the end of the day, I reminded myself of how grateful I am to have all boys. We will leave all of this exciting planning up to you girls!


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March 17, 2012

Fight the Pinterest Hackers

If you are an active Pinterest user, you may have noticed this Best Buy pin all over the place.... don't repin it. It's fake.
Hey Hackers--- you got nothing better to do!?

Here is how you can REMOVE this pin from your PINTEREST BOARD:

1. Click the hacked pin (only once!)

2. When it enlarges... type edit at the end of the URL


Hope that helps!

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March 16, 2012

Film Photography

Hello everyone! How was your week?

Today we're going to go back a few years ago and talk about something that maybe some of you have tried to forget (as my mom would say about this subject,) But, just so we're clear, I am no film photography expert, but here are a few basics that you should know about film. Why do I love film so much? Well, when shooting with digital, you don't get the same values as you do with film, you get greater depth of field and the colors are fairly exact and I do very little editing to my images. After getting my first digital SLR camera, that's all I shot. But now... I'm so bored! Do any of you feel that way too? I have to force myself to shoot digital. So, I bought myself this little beauty a few months ago and fell in love with photography all over again.

Canon EOS Elan 7
The best part is, I can still use all of my Canon lenses with it.
I got mine on for around $75

Thank goodness for me, this camera is "dummy proof," it is so easy to use, you just put your film in, slide it over, and it lets you know if the film is in properly by making a little sound, after the film is used up, it winds it up for you. Whalah! It has a very accurate light meter in the view finder and on the top right of your camera, where it also shows you your focus points, F/stop and shutter speed. Totally recommend this to anyone who is going to shoot film.

I have been trying out different film types lately, and I found that Kodak Portra 400, 160, 160VC and Ilford black and white films are my favorite. Some of you may be asking, "What do those numbers mean?" And that's fine if you don't know! Those numbers are called film speed; on a digital camera you would most likely know it as your ISO. When you set your ISO manually on your camera, it will typically give you a range from 100-3200, depending on which camera you have. But film is a little bit different, more simple. When you buy a roll of 160 film, it's going to be not so sensitive to light. I use 160 film on a very sunny day. When I use a roll of 3200 film, it's going to be VERY sensitive to light, you would want to use that indoor or in low lighting, or maybe you are just going for the grainy look.

Here are the differences between the two:

3200 film (lots of grain, which I love)
My friend/photographer Kiera Haddock snapped this of me.

 400 (very soft, but still crisp)


 I noticed that I spend more time on each image, composing it perfectly and making sure the lighting is just right. The complete opposite of what I do with digital, click click click... etc. I love to look at my images after I develop them, its exciting because you don't know what they will look like. 
Speaking of developing, how many of you still go to Walgreens or Rite Aid to process your film? Well guess what? Stop it! They do not care about your film. You need to take your film to a professional lab that develops film frequently. The problem with Walgreens or rite aid is that they only change their chemicals depending on their demand of developing. Since photography has moved to digital, people hardly use film. Therefore, you will mostly likely have your film processed through old chemicals which can leave out contrast, detail and can give you incorrect color. From this moment on, promise me and say an oath in your head that you will go to a professional lab.

So for the people that are not interested in shooting film, but still want to spice up your photography and have some fun, here are my favorite toys...

Believe it or not, I got BOTH of these Polaroid cameras on eBay for $6!

Hint: don't waste your time searching for expired Polaroid film (they quit making this film)

There is a company called IMPOSSIBLE FILM who makes polaroid film and sells all sorts of other goodies. Take a gander!

Here are a few of my own polaroids using their film...

Overall, film is a lot of fun, and you definitely learn a lot doing it. If you're bored with digital, I highly recommend trying some film!

-Lizzy Pinckney (Persnickety In-House Designer) 
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March 15, 2012

Cards, Cards, Cards....

Everybody loves receiving a card, something to post on their wall, fridge, or to show off to friends & colleagues. 
From flat - to folded .... we've got you covered!

{min 110# cover cardstock, top quality papers. Matte, Gloss, Pearl, Linen}
Get the square look without paying the extra postage with our 5x12 folded Card. The top folds into a 5x5 square, with a 2" flap on the bottom. Fits our 5x7 envelopes.
 Card Shown: 5x12
Type: 110# Gloss Cover

Folded Card Invitation
Wall of Samples. {in store}
Pearl Cardstock
 Card Shown: 4x6
Type: 110# Imported Pearl

Pearl Cardstock
 Card Shown: 5x7
Type: 110# Imported Linen

Print Instagrams
Not just for Instagrams! Upload any square formatted image.

Instagram Printing

Instagram Printing

You can find more information about these types of Cards on our website:

Need a Sample? Email an address & we will send you a sample pack!

March 10, 2012

Digital Scrapbooking - the manual

Interested in archiving your life digitally?
Already digitally scrapbooking?
What I wished I knew in the beginning can be found here, a free 18 page manual from the Daily Digi.

Digital scrapbookers and designers from around the community reveal what they wished they would have known in the beginning in this free online manual!
Ali Edwards, CD Muckosky, Peppermint Granberg (One Little Bird), Katrina Kennedy, Kayla Lamoreaux, Debbie Hodge, Krista Sahlin, Jenn Barrette, SuzyQScraps, (and more) ...

>> It's Free from the Daily Digi

March 6, 2012

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