October 31, 2012

Persnickety Prints Instagram Memory Tree

Like many children, my boys need a little reminding of how blessed they are. 
During the Holidays, rather than focus on their "wants", we try to remind them of what they have already!

The 2012 Memory Tree

This tree was an inspiration for a few reasons: 
  1. Scrapbooks are not always showcased. 
  2. The tree makes a great conversation piece for visitors.
  3. These photos are not just of our family, but of people, events, quotes and highlights from 2012.
  4. To remind myself, that regardless of our challenges, we had a great 2012!
  5. Television and media are constantly telling us that we need more. This tree will sit front and center in our home reminding us that we have everything we need.



Most of these images were snapped with an iPhone, some were filtered through Instagram. 
I used Instaport to download all of my Instagram photos. 
What I love about this 3rd party software: Once you've logged into your Instagram account, Instaport downloads all of your images into one folder on your hard drive.
This main folder is dated with today's date AND each individual Instagram photo also contains the date. 

After skimming through our 2012 photos, we narrowed the total down to 100. 
I did some tweaking and cropped them square in photoshop.

Then, I ordered 100 4x4 Instagram Photos from Persnickety Prints on the 110# matte cardstock. (.35¢ each when ordering 100+)

I chose the 4x4 Instagram option because I wanted the white border on each of them. Once the year is over and the tree comes down, I can transfer the prints into my Project Life album. 

Depending on the size of tree, you may prefer the 3x3 print size. (the 2x2 is the same as 3x3 with a larger border)

Once the tree comes down, I will add the photos to my project life album or make a 2012 mini book! [see below]

Photos tell a story. Photos spark memory and emotions.
I hope this idea has inspired you to look back on 2012 and find the strength you've gained from overcoming obstacles, as well as the joy you've felt from the simple beauties of life.


>> UPDATE << 

The tree eventually must come down!
I've organized all of these prints into 6 4x4 
sheet protectors from WeR Memory Keepers.
Each sheet protector holds 9 4x4 prints, for a total of 18 front and back. It's only February of 2013, and it amazes me how much I've already forgotten about last year! The little things in photos say so much.

October 24, 2012

[weekly mojo series] Photo inspiration: Geninne Zlatkis

Every day, I stop by Geninne's Art Blog and check out her most recent painting or sketch. I absolutely love her style, and recently she's been using acrylics to paint her signature birds and flowers onto vintage photos. Check these images out -- aren't they amazing? (all photos property of Geninne Zlatkis)

I would love to do something similar, but I lack the art skills that the talented Geninne possesses. However, I do have some mad Photoshop skills, and it would be simple to convert some landscape photos to black and white, then add some awesome digital images on top. Here are a few that I think would be so fun to use:

Headliners | Paislee Press

October | The Ink Nest

Once you've added your digital images, just save the file and upload them to be printed here at Persnickety. This could be a fun alternative to your Christmas card this year, or a great way to make invitations for special events or as postcards to send just to say Hi. You've got lots of options -- and Gennine's gorgeous artwork for the inspiration!

Until next time, keep the mojo flowin'!

October 18, 2012

Free Digital Kit from DHD

A big shout out to Design House Digital!
Our sponsor for the Persnickety Semi Annual Fall Sale happening this weekend.

Gennifer Bursett, Mye De Leon, and Rebecca Wagler have teamed up to bring YOU this beautiful, exclusive digital kit:  
"This is Why"
16 Papers
37 Elements

These 3 Designers have been so generous of their time and talents... thanks girls!
You can give back by visiting their stores. (links provided)

Heck, you may even find something you like! (and we know you will) 
Use this coupon (one time use) for an additional 30% off!! 
(Mye & Rebecca's store are already offering 25% off)
code: nowiamhome

  1. Download the Free Kit Here
  2. Create some layouts!
  3. Upload and order at Persnickety
We can't wait to see what you create!

- Team PP

October 12, 2012

Persnickety Prints Semi-Annual Fall Sale

 Starts Friday October 19th.
The much anticipated Fall Semi Annual Sale is only a week away! This sale ONLY happens twice a year, so stock up!
Start uploading layouts now to avoid long uploading wait times.

Pre Paid print credits will be available for purchase of 12x12 and 8.5x11 prints during the sale, but may not be redeemed until after October 22.
8x8 print credit promotion will be offered shortly.

During this event, we will also be giving away an entire digital kit from the creative genius' at Design House Digital!

Don't miss out! Sign up for PP news for a quick reminder!

October 10, 2012

Photographic Enlargements

Photographic Enlargements are not the same as a "poster print".
A Poster is printed with ink or toner and typically has a white border.

Our enlargements are still processed the same way as our smaller photographic prints .... just BIGGER!

Like our smaller prints, processing takes place in a dark room. We use the highest quality Fuji professional silver halide photographic papers. Our software reads your sRGB color profile and embeds the image into the paper. This color gamut is larger than the human eye. 

Recently, we had family pictures taken from the amazing TreasureLayne Photography.
The photos on our walls were over 3 years outdated...gasp! 
It was time to update.
I took my favorite headshot of each of my boys and enlarged it to fill these frames.

 My 3 boys showing off their 20x20 photographic prints. Notice my son Noah on the right, who is just happy to be alive; but can't ever remember to tie his shoes!
Ryder thinks it's funny to put on the same shirt, hold up his enlargement, and snap a photo of his "bobble head".

Mounting is an affordable solution when you don't have the funds to buy a big fancy frame. I purchased these metal square frames at Ikea. We removed the matte and glass and inserted our Persnickety mounted print. 
At Persnickety, we use a heat press mounting system
We take your silver halide print, press & mount it in over 450 degrees, sealing the photo to the foam board permanently.
We also add a free textured protective coating to give your images a unique look. Mounted prints look great in a frame, without glass, hanging by a ribbon, showcased on an easel, or stuck to the wall with velcro. 
 ** please allow an extra 48 hours for enlargements and mount pressed orders **

 Recently, our friends at LeeLou Designs created this 40x15 masterpiece showcasing 65 instagram photos of her summer story.
 A close up of a heat press mounted photographic print.
 These aren't our photos, but Ryder is enthralled.
When this was ordered, we immediately contacted LeeLou herself and asked if she had saved a layered version -- because we want one too!
Creating these perfectly even squares is not easy... but thanks to LeeLou ... she's done all the work for us!
Our 15x40 Photographic Prints $29.99
Mount and Texture $25

Grab this 65 Instagram (or square) 2x2 photo template at LeeLou Blogs for free, and be sure to thank her for her generosity! She is a busy woman:)
(If a 40x15 is too large of a print, you can always cut the templates in half, use one strip or two.)

Happy Day!

October 7, 2012

3 Ways to Spoil a Good Christmas Card

Christmas. It's just around the corner...
 I don't know about you, but I love receiving Christmas and Holiday cards in the mail.
The best cards always seem to go up high on the fridge, or hang right up front on the family room display. When our family and friends come over, they sift through our card collection; oohing and ahhhing over the ones they love.
So, how do you get a prime spot on refrigerators this year? Let's start with 3 things to avoid when it comes to creating your Christmas card.

1. Cramming it all in.  You have so much to share, but unfortunately the space is limited! Small text is hard to read, and too many photos get lost in the shuffle. For multiple photos, consider a double-sided, or folded greeting card. Insert an extra 4x4 photo collage for Grandma or close friends. We all know the kids are cute, but keep it simple! Bottom Line: too many photos kill the card.


2. The Photo. If you're using a photo this year, make it great! It is the focal point. Choose a card design that best fits the look and feel of the photo. Black and White photos are versatile and can blend with more designs. If you're using a photo editing program, color pick the colors from the photo to integrate into the overall color scheme of the card design. Make sure the photo fits the card... do not "stretch" the photo to fill space! Use high resolution images! While 72 dpi looks great on screen, 300 dpi is needed for print.
Bottom Line: your photo is the center of the card, choose it wisely.


3. Overloading with text. If you're sending a yearly update, family newsletter, or little Billy's poem from the reflections contest, consider using a separate insert, or choose a double sided card. Even better, add a URL and host the family yearly news online! example: www.bit.ly/2012familynews 
Most of us aren't going to read the 2-page letter anyway. Too much text isn't really a card, it's more of a letter.
When designing your own, make sure to watch for bleed, especially with text. Anything really close to the edge like this card below, makes it nearly impossible to print without borders or something being cut off. When designing your own card, please use our free press print templates for exact bleed.

 Bottom Line: keep the text short and sweet {insert an additional card that tells your story}

At my house, we save every card that comes to our home in a binder organized by the year. It's so much fun to see how people change and that kids do grow up!
Whether you are single, married, have pets, or kids, the Holidays are a perfect time to share YOU.
We've seen some really creative Christmas cards. Some are off the charts hilarious, others are more serious and send a simple heartfelt message of love. Think about what YOU want to say this season, and hopefully we can help!
There are so many great Christmas card designs on the web, it shouldn't be hard to find a design that works for you. If you can't find what you're looking for on our site, check our Christmas Card pinboard for some different design ideas.

Persnickety Prints Online Collection:  you will find customizable templates at no additional cost! These are templates you can drop any photo in and simply add text, then simply place your order. Envelopes are always included with our card packages.

In store we have even more options to choose from! Ask one of our design specialists for help.

Over the next few months we will be posting free downloadable cards you can pull into your own editing program and get custom crazy with!

First up:  This simple 5x7 Merry Christmas card in 4 different colors! Download your free .png card here.