November 14, 2010

Creating a Custom Photo Book

Our online uploading company is working on a "blank" page option for photobooks- until then, this is the best way to create a photo book with your own digital layouts. 

Yeah!! Blank Template Option is NOW Available!

Keep in mind that our templates are completely customizable.

REMEMBER>  Bleed on photo books is much LARGER than our regular photographic single page prints. We recommend leaving at least .25" on each side of your layout.
Also, it is important to take the spine/gutter into consideration when laying out your photobook.
-currently, we are not able to ship photobooks outside of the U.S.

We are famous for our photographic single page prints, they are the most archival, waterproof, and true to color. Photobooks are a different story-  here is our own take on photo books

-HOW to Create a Persnickety Prints Photo Book with your own layout/template.

 Speedy Version 1:55

- Regular Version 8:25


  1. This is very helpful, thank you.

  2. Loving the ADD version- watched it 2x!

  3. Very helpful. When will the blank book be available (so we can drag and drop our own completed layouts). You mention in the video a December 1 date, which obviously has already passed. Thanks!

  4. I read on their facebook group, that they are hoping to add the drag and drop for blank books in the summer.

  5. I agree with you Persnickety- I like the single page prints much better!

  6. Thank you for referring me here ;-)
    Just what I was looking for !!!
    fdgtgrl from GingerScraps Forum


  7. I'm finally dipping my toes into ordering photobooks this year (just as soon as I'm LR-organized and scrapping up a storm!). And PernicketyPrints will be my first choice! Catch you again soon. :)

  8. Is it correct that you do not ship photo books out of the US?
    I am in Australia


  9. Hi Monique-
    Unfortunately, it is true.
    It has become much too costly to ship them overseas with tracking. My apologies.

  10. Hi guys!

    Do the photo books come with some pages or do you pay the additional page price for every page in the book?

    1. Hi Andrea-
      Included in the price is 20 pages (10 front & back)