December 30, 2011

Ring in 2012 with a new Calendar

It is here. A new year. A fresh start.

Let's make it LAST!
 Memory keeping ideas, kits, tutorials & techniques are planned for 2012.
You take the picture- we will do the rest!

Kick off the NEW Year with this Printable 8x12 2012 Calendar
What you get: a flattened (.jpg) blank 8x12 dated Calendar.
> download here

Make it your own.
Add digital text, elements & photo's.
 Perfect to print as-is for a fun hybrid project!

$3.99 for a Persnickety Premium Photographic Print.


Get 12% OFF 
until January 5, 2012
code: 2012

Take Photos!
Project 365?

Noah Kalina, New York Photographer, has taken a photo of himself everyday since January 11, 2000.  Noah is way ahead of me with his project 365!


Almost 12 years ago...

Check out Noah K Everyday here.

HAPPY 2012!

-the Persickety Prints Team

December 27, 2011


Juxtaposition-  What is it?

juxtapose |ˈjəkstəˌpōz; ˌjəkstəˈpōz|verb [ trans. ]
  • the placement of two things (usually abstract concepts) near each other.
  • two subjects close together creating a contrasting effect black-and-white photos of slums were starkly juxtaposed with color images.
  • the act or an instance of placing two or more things side by side; also : the state of being so placed
          • ---------------------------------------

  • Light can be used to imply depth by finding situations where a brightly lit subject is juxtaposed against a detail that's in shadow.
  • Subtle colored backgrounds harmonize the juxtaposition of black-and-white sketches and prints with color reproductions.


The next time you see a grand mountain or large monument or building you want to shoot, try to think of how you can further the idea of that grand subject with juxtaposition
  • Use something into the foreground to create the feeling or idea you're trying to get across.
  • In a landscape shoot, try to look for something small in the foreground to place in contrast to the large mountain in the background. 
  • Look for something that tells the story.  A river leading into the scene or boulders that are slowly falling off the face of the mountain and are destined to become pebbles at the bottom of the stream. 

7 reasons why you should print your photos

1. Cost
In today's economy, cost is a significant factor in deciding whether to buy almost anything. However, one reason to print your photos is the cost. Most regular 4x6 prints only cost 20 or 30 cents, but the significance of the photo lasts forever. Photo prints make excellent but inexpensive gifts for just about anyone in your life, and are a great way to preserve your favorite memories while spending just a little pocket change.

2. Archival
Photo prints are also great for archiving your life. Taking photos is really just the first step. Once you have those images captured, print your favorite photos so you can easily locate them to look at and enjoy for years to come. At the rate technology is moving, your digital files may be outdated before you know it!

3. Sharing the STORY
Digital photo sharing is a great way to share your memories with people quickly and easily all over the world. But, I still think the best way to share your photos is to print them and give them to people, or look together and tell stories about the photos you took. Printed photos tell a story from your life, whether it was a family vacation, wedding or event, or just a random day. They allow you to pass those memories on to your friends and family. Even as we all grow older, those memories last forever. 

4. Back Up
Printed photos are also a great way to back up your photos. We've all heard the horror stories of people losing thousands of precious photos due to computer failure or malfunction. Don't let this happen to you! Print your photos and store them safely. That way, you have physical and digital copies, so your memories are always safe. 

5. Decorations and Display
What better way to decorate your home or office with your favorite photos! You can print your photos in a variety of different sizes, from small wallets to large posters and enlargements. Or, take it to the next level and order a mounted enlargement for an even more impressive display. Personalize any room, whether it is photos of people in your life, or cool artistic photos you've taken. 

6. Sometimes, We Just Miss 'Em
Let's face it…photo prints take us all back to our childhood. They are a return to the sentimental and simpler days of sharing moments and memories, before you had hundreds of photo and social media sites to choose from. Sometimes, a good reason to print photos is simply because you miss having the prints around. Printed photos invoke much more emotion than staring at an image on a computer screen. You can hold the printed photo in your hand, which makes the memory that much more tangible and real. 

7. Easy Ordering with Persnickety Prints ... from anywhere!
1. log into your account, click "My Web Photos" on the right, select the images you want to print
2. click the "Order" button.
3. In your cart, select an image or group of images, choose the size and quantity for the selected photo(s), and click "Add to Cart." Do this for each image in your cart until you have the exact sizes and quantities for each photo, then press "Checkout Now" to complete the order. 

Enjoy your Persnickety Prints! 

December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

The anticipation, planning, preparing... it all can be so overwhelming, then it comes, and it goes.
One Day.
Once a year.
December 25th.
We hope you had a good one.

For me, the Holidays are all about traditions. 

Christmas Eve entails a Honey Baked Ham, Eggnog, Singing + the Nativity Story, and more food.
The kids put out the cookies & milk for Santa (Rudolph gets carrots).

Christmas morning always comes before the 6am hour.

Little Ryder has adopted his Aunt's new Chocolate Lab named Mogley. 

Noah loves all things Lego. Grandma scored a big hug.

The best gifts? 

The Memories

 Grandma also scored a sweet photo book!

Mounted enlargements were fun for all!

... and I am now taking my "long winters nap".

{ Brush Overlays from Rhonna Farrer and Anna Aspnes }

December 23, 2011



When you lose that mojo, what do you do?
How do you find it?
Where do you look?

We want to know....

What Inspires You?

Last year, I wrote about my little sister, Kelene. She works/dances for Donny & Marie at their ongoing show in Las Vegas.
Kelene is going on her 4th year with this show, and to be honest, we would like her to be done now!
Last Christmas D&M held her in New York, this Christmas, it is Chicago.
My little boys need their favorite Aunt! Each year I tell Donny this, and he just laughs...  the show must go on!

A few weeks ago, my husband and I flew to Chicago. 
We did see the show, but more importantly....

I couldn't leave the Downtown Chicago Anthropology Store!
You would think the extra 30% off Sale items was the catch, but it wasn't--- this was the greatest Anthropology I have been in ... ever! The mojo was kicking in.
There was inspiration at every turn, and I couldn't get enough!

I want these chairs!

Old Newspaper stacked on paper towel sized holders to form a Christmas Tree

Vintage Stamps + Vintage Wooden Camera Tape Dispenser--- are you kidding me? 

The colors, the concepts, the creativity... LOVE this place!

In fact, I was so deeply enthralled with Anthropology, that the husband left me there.

... and I took a cab back to the hotel.
Thank You Anthropology for the magic!

* * *
Chicago is a very unique, fun city. If it's not on the bucket list already, you may want to reconsider.
At least for the Pizza....

What is it that INSPIRES YOU? 
Where do you go for the creative juice?

Do Tell.
I can't go to Chicago every weekend.


December 8, 2011

How to make a Custom Holiday Card

How To Make A Holiday Greeting Card  

Sending holiday cards has been a tradition this time of year since the 1800s, but they've never been so fun and easy to create! Your online photo account allows you to create your own custom holiday greeting cards. You can use multiple images, or just one, and can arrange the size and layout of the photos however you'd like. You can also add your own custom text and other graphics to the card, then order it, right from your computer! Read on for the simple instructions.
Card Tab

1. Log in to your account and upload the photos you want to use. Click the yellow "Cards and Calendars" tab, and click "Cards."
2. Browse the cards. You can sort by size, style, and/or category. Click the one you like best to view a larger preview and click "Create Card."
Card Category
3. Choose which photo(s) to include in the card, then click on the text box to write your own holiday greeting.
Images for Card
4. Click "Customize" to edit the photos, text, background, border, and other graphics, if you want. Note that some cards might not have the "Customize" button, but most do.
Customize ButtonCustomize Options
5. Click "Preview" to preview a larger version of your card. Make sure everything is spelled correctly and looks how you want it.

Then, press "Add to Cart" and complete the checkout process. That's it!
Add to Cart
Lastly, save your work periodically using the "Save" button. That allows you to start a card, save it, then come back and finish it later.

Before you create your card, get a feel for what's available. Browse what sizes are available. 4x8 is the most common size for flat cards. Other sizes might include 4x6, 5x7, 5x5 and 6x8. Also, you can browse by category, including Holiday, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year, Religious, Invitations, and other holiday-themed categories. 
All of these choices makes it easier to create the exact card you want, and gives you more control over your 2011 holiday cards!