November 13, 2011

How to Create Calendars using our software

Custom Calendars

A Quick Video Tutorial on HOW to create a Calendar with our free online software.

Custom Calendar from Shabby Miss Jenn Designs

For visual instruction see our Step-by-Step Tutorial

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To order completed single sided calendars, CD calendars, and 4x8 flate note calendars, bypass this software, and upload and order as a single "print" option.


  1. Aha! I KNEW you could do that but didn't know how and was flummoxed by the software! Thank you for posting.

    To be clear--to make a calendar like from shabby Miss Jenn, where I have my calendar already on my 12x18 jpg, I just upload the picture and then put "make these 12 jpgs into a calender" in the comments?

  2. Leslie- Unfortunately, you will need to buy this kit from Shabby Miss Jenn- using a software program like photoshop, creative memories, or memory mixer.

  3. Love the calendars you offer! They are so easy to make! I make a calender for grandparents + great-grandparents (five calenders total!) for Christmas. It is the perfect present :)

  4. Great design. Absolutely fine art! I have own a printing company specialized in calendar printing. And really impressed with your design.