October 30, 2011


It is almost here!
Time to get ready for the much anticipated...

This is the time to stock up, print, and free up some HD space!
25% off 12x12, 8.5x11 & 8x8 prints.
Our lowest prices of the year!
Print Credits will be available for 12x12 & 8.5x11, sold in packages of 50.
Sale goes live at 12:01 am Thursday, Novemeber 3rd.
You can start uploading now to avoid the rush and slower upload speeds!

October 24, 2011

Spark No.3

I am surrounded by so many inspiring, creative women. This is the 2nd year Persnickety Prints has had the honor of sponsoring SPARK here in Utah. People travel from all over the world to get to this annual event. It is 2 miles from my home! How lucky is that?
What is Spark? an all inclusive 2 day Creative event and artisan market filled with 4 major classes, 4 mini classes and mini mini classes!A unique, one of a kind Artisan Market.  We are gathering the coolest artisans around to participate in the the market this year.
 I cannot sew a button, but Spark is one of my favorite events.

The Decor. 
Margie always goes above and beyond decorating Noah's in Lindon- it literally comes alive.

The Camaraderie.
When you attend this event, you become part of the "spark sisters".
All 300 of us have different talents, are *sparked* differently, and are here inspiring each other.
Everyone is on the same level, nobody is better than another, we are all one.
Nothing is worse than being in a large group of women and having it feel like high school all over again. You won't get that from a "spark sister".

I just like to see what Rhonna comes up with next.

Margie amazes me. I don't think she has ever NOT had a smile on her face.

Of course the decor wouldn't be the same without the many, many beautiful pieces of art designed by the Spark Girls and printed from Persnickety Prints.

We printed these beauties with our large format photographic equipment (yep, it's still photographic paper!).
Mounted them with our heat press.
Added our protective spray and texture- and sparked the place up!

Thanks Margie for another amazing year!

October 14, 2011

Photo Mask Freebie

Photo Masks can be used for so many things, layouts, holiday cards, calendars, you name it! Photo Masks are .png files, with a transparent background.

Here is how ya do it ---->

1.  Open a mask in any Photoshop program.
Drag the image you want to clip ontop on the layer above the mask layer. You can drag it, or even copy and paste inside of photoshop.

2.  Clip It! 
With photoshop, there are many ways to create one effect.
One standard way to clip an image is by first, highlighting the top layer, the go up to Layer > create clipping mask. done.
I would recommend learning some hot keys to help you navigate through photoshop with ease. Before you know it, your fingers are doing all the talking!

3.  Merge the layers. Don't flatten, we want to keep the background transparent.

Done! Drag (or copy & paste) the clipped mask onto papers, cards, calendars, love notes...

Grab this set of Free Photo Masks HERE.... and most important, have fun!

October 8, 2011

Build a store on a budget

It has been a long, busy month.

If it seems like we have been MIA (missing in action), I apologize.

Persnickety Prints has moved into a larger space of our building to facilitate more equipment, a classroom, and a photo studio. This way, we can offer you, our Persnickety friends more printing & creative options!

We are still at 44 West Center Street in Orem, Utah.
You can reach us at 801-225-7020 or 1-855-99PRINT. Of course, our online home is www.persnicketyprints.com.

With advancing technology, digital imaging, and social media; there are now more ways than ever to capture life as we live it.

Because we need to focus on upgrading digital equipment, I found myself on a tight budget for the store.
Luckily, timing is everything. Thank you Borders for closing.
I snagged this large "cashwrap" just before they closed their doors.

We wanted our new photo lab to have a clean, modern look. This piece from Borders may not look so snazzy now, but wait until you see what we can do with it!

RC Dent Construction, a local premier construction group can make anything happen. These guys are unbelievably Persnickety too!

In no time at all, they had this place REVAMPED!

Watch out Ty Pennington!

Ta - Da! 

RC Dent Construction goes above and beyond for their people.
Not only did these guys pick up this monstrous piece of furniture for me at Borders, but they delivered it to the store and set it up!
They sanded, painted and added custom cut aluminum sheets to the old wood planks.

Here it is again..... the Before and After....

If you ever need a project completed-- these guys will take care of you!!
Thank YOU Scott, Brian, Jason, Christian, and the rest of the crew at RC Dent Construction!!!
I couldn't have done it without YOU!

October 1, 2011

Don't Delete ->>Free Photo Frame Overlay

There are many pro's and con's of this new digital era. We have the ability to take digital pictures, touch up our imperfections, or even delete the photo completely and start over.

>> Sometimes our imperfections are perfections. Don't delete!

Today, I had a 43 year old customer come into the lab with beautiful images of herself; studio portraits taken over 5 years ago. She said that when she had these photo's taken, she hated them. Not the photo itself, but how she looked. She kept the image disc, but never intended on printing them. Ever.

This woman is sitting in the chair next to me. We are looking at these images. She now wants them printed in the largest way possible (30x40 + mounted) to put in her bedroom and bathroom to remind herself how beautiful she was in her 30's.

Don't Delete! You never know, this could be your prime! :) This was a good lesson for me, as I am nearing my 40's-- ahhh!

With this post, I thought that I would share a way to "liven" up those every day images.

In just a few steps you can add a little character to your regular 4x6 and 5x7 photo's ---

I have this 5x7 image, it's OK. Adding this border, and cropping the photo makes it so much better!

To use this particular photo over, make sure your image is formated to 5x7.

  • Download & Unzip 
  • Open the 5x7 folder
  • Drag the 5x7 .png into Photoshop (or any program that will accept a .png)
  • Copy & Paste it over your 5x7 image
  • Flatten, Save & Print!

{change the color or blending style -play with them!}

We have also included this 4x6 Overlay.

Have fun with your Digital Photo's
& RememBeR
 --------------> Don't Delete!

{download link}