May 31, 2011

Calling iPhoto Users

Using iPhoto to organize and store your pictures? You must read this very carefully, as it may save you hours and hours of painful uploading time!

Export your photo's from iPhoto directly to your Persnickety Prints online album!

As you are browsing through your iPhoto pictures-  simply highlight the "event" or individual photo that you would like to print, or share- click EXPORT.



>>Install the Lifepics iPhoto Plug-in HERE.

{This plug-in is only 279 KB of space. That's smaller than a wallet sized photo!}

Look how Easy Peasy it is to do-


The next time you login to your Persnickety Prints account- your images will be waiting!
Give it a try! The kids will love you for it!

INSTALL PLUGINS through our Lifepics Software and order at Persnickety with the following programs. More info here.

May 29, 2011

Memorial Day Scrapbook Tradition

Memorial Day means something different to everyone. 
We all walk a different path. 
We inspire each other in different ways.

Did you know that Memorial Day wasn't declared a National Holiday until 1971? 
My Mom said she use to call it "Decoration Day".

For me, Memorial Day is a time to remember those that have passed away before us. 
Brave Soldiers that have served our Country, and family members alike. 

I love family traditions, and for Memorial Day, we have one. 
The Sunday before, my Brother, Sisters, Mom (sometimes Dad), and our kids congregate at my little brothers graveside to pay tribute to Jeff.

{this picture is from last year- I must have cracked one of my really funny jokes}

Jeff is 18 months younger than I, and passed away when he was just 20.  
I named my first son after him. 
During this time together, we go around in a circle and share our favorite "Jeff" memories.
 If it weren't for the combined efforts of the "Jeff Scrapbook", our children wouldn't know my brother at all.

Another reason why I print single pages, rather than a "bound" photo book. 
Each year my family finds more Jeff memorabilia, we scan it and add it to the Digital (and very archival) Scrapbook. 
Each family has a copy.
It is priceless.

The kids' each have a little 6x6 copy that we continually add to.

May 27, 2011

Wall Art - Manners

Need a last minute teacher gift? A reminder for the kids? 
 8x12 Mounted Wall Art for $16.99.
 FREE Shipping!
Mounting includes a laminate and protective spray. Perfect to stand in an easel, frame without glass, or tie a ribbon and hang!

free shipping

Color Option

May 22, 2011

The Best Wedding Gift

My baby sister got married last fall.

Now days, photographers take pictures, and then just hand you a CD. This can be good, and bad. 
Bad for those people that do nothing with that CD, and my little sister is one of them. 

Have you seen our NEW 12x12 Custom Post Bound Albums?

This is a Perfect Idea for the Bride and Groom!

I made this Post Bound Cover for my little sister. (well, I dropped some photo's in a .png template- she doesn't need to know, right?)

This album cover design is a quick page from Dianne Rigdon made exclusively for us at PP.
Love her stuff. Grab it for yourself here.

For the custom album cover, you will need a software program that supports .png files

Another way to use the custom cover album: crop it to a 12x12 like I did above and print it as a page layout to insert in your book.

Dianne's coordinating Shabby kits are a perfect way to fill your album!

These are my sisters favorite little people in the world. I printed this layout and had them each write a handwritten note on it.


Why would this top loading post bound album make a great wedding gift?
The bride (or groom:) can add to it!
She can drop in her wedding cards, program, pieces of her bouquet, or any sort of memorabilia from this special day! Plus, she can continue adding photo's of the honeymoon and their first year together.

Even if the bride isn't a scrapper, she can use 12x12 top loading 4x6 split page protectors!

I was given a 3-Ring album filled with photo's for my wedding and added to it- one of the few wedding gifts I still have today.

May 19, 2011

Summer Sorbet Papers

As I watch the rain fall day after day, 
I look at old summer photo's to remind myself that summer will come, eventually.

Enjoy these {10} 300dpi 12x12 jpeg papers.
Perfect for use in Picasa.

via our secure Box 

May 7, 2011

Our new Custom 12x12 Post Bound Album

-album created with Cinzia Loosemore's Sweet Spring Layered Quick Page 
We are excited to offer this new completely unique product that compliments all of your Persnickety Prints!
*12x12 Custom Post Bound Album
Your scrap pages can easily be added or removed to create the perfect memory book.  Perfect Custom solution for the traditional and digital memory keeper.
Customize your album to match any occasion or event.
10 top loading page protectors are included.

*Pages Lay Flat*
Please allow 3-5 days for production on this item
* Your own software program is required to create this product. This 12x12 Post Bound Album measures 32.75 x 14 to include wrapping and tucked spine.

DOWNLOAD the .psd template HERE.
Instructions are included.
Upload your final album design to Persnickety Prints with your 12x12 layouts for a complete book!

SUPER EASY Photoshop Instructions-