May 29, 2011

Memorial Day Scrapbook Tradition

Memorial Day means something different to everyone. 
We all walk a different path. 
We inspire each other in different ways.

Did you know that Memorial Day wasn't declared a National Holiday until 1971? 
My Mom said she use to call it "Decoration Day".

For me, Memorial Day is a time to remember those that have passed away before us. 
Brave Soldiers that have served our Country, and family members alike. 

I love family traditions, and for Memorial Day, we have one. 
The Sunday before, my Brother, Sisters, Mom (sometimes Dad), and our kids congregate at my little brothers graveside to pay tribute to Jeff.

{this picture is from last year- I must have cracked one of my really funny jokes}

Jeff is 18 months younger than I, and passed away when he was just 20.  
I named my first son after him. 
During this time together, we go around in a circle and share our favorite "Jeff" memories.
 If it weren't for the combined efforts of the "Jeff Scrapbook", our children wouldn't know my brother at all.

Another reason why I print single pages, rather than a "bound" photo book. 
Each year my family finds more Jeff memorabilia, we scan it and add it to the Digital (and very archival) Scrapbook. 
Each family has a copy.
It is priceless.

The kids' each have a little 6x6 copy that we continually add to.


  1. Great post! Thank you for sharing- love this idea. Need to gather pictures to scan

  2. this is a great idea - especially the digital format I just finished my daughters (traditional) scrapbook (she passed away @ 10 months old in 2005).

    thanks for sharing

  3. Becky- I am SORRY! I can't even imagine! - I have to stop and read every single child's headstone as I walk through the cemetery and I bawl the entire time!

  4. I'm so sorry for the loss of your brother Jeff. It is hard to lose someone you love so dearly. My BIL died 9 months ago in a drowning accident saving his foster daughter's life. I have been given the honor of creating a scrapbook about him but was thinking that my only option was to go with a bound album. Thank you for sharing what your family does to honor & remember Jeff. I can now stop procrastinating this memory book of my BIL because I know that I can use this kind of album instead & keep adding to it as my sister desires. Time to work in some picture scanning into my summer days.

  5. Thank you for sharing. We don't have a tradition but we always remember those fallen since my DH is in the ARMY and has lost many friends and fellow soldiers. This year is very touching since we lost 7 soldiers just days before the holiday and my DH told me that there were 2 helicopters crashes today, luckily noone was hurt. Hits close to home for this as well as my wonderful daughter we lost at birth 8 1/2 yrs ago.
    Thanks again for sharing!

  6. Pierce Productions, Angel, and Becky- thank you for your comments. Your stories are inspiring, uplifting, and give us all strength. Thank you! And those who serve our Country are always at the top of my Super Hero list. GROUP HUG!

  7. Way to send me to bed in tears Chari ;) What an awesome tribute and for sure such a great way to share your brother with your kiddos. I'm going to pass this idea along to my SIL who lost her brother a couple years ago at only 16. I <3 scrapbooking for reasons like this.

  8. What an awesome tribute to your brother! I think it's cool that you all get together and remember him.

    Can you tell me the brand of the 6x6 album you are using. I really like it.

    Thanks for sharing your story. =)