January 10, 2011

Creating a Digital Scrapbook Page with Google Picasa - Step 2

How much would the average scrap/memory book person spend on something like this 12x12 scrapbook page?

  • 11 separate pictures (11 4x6 prints x .29¢) = $3.19
  • 12x12 Cardstock= .50¢
  • Elements, Glue, Background paper=  $1.00
You are looking at spending an average of $4.69 on a simple 12x12 scrapbook page with 10 or more photo's.

Am I close?
Should we figure in the time it would take to order all of these prints, cut them, glue them, etc, etc?

The above digital layout took 1 minute and 22 seconds! 
all in Picasa

This is step 2 of our series on how you can create a layout in Google's Picasa.
It is Free- It is Fast- It is Easy-
Best of all, it is ONLY $1.99 for a 12x12 super duper archival-
even waterproof- Persnickety Print on fuji crystal silver halide photo paper!

Do you have those friends that may want to "try digital" but don't want a huge learning curve- You really need to tell them that there is a way out of digital darkness! :) This could change their lives!

Here is a Picasa Collage I have printed at Persnickety Prints- notice how thin my "grid" is. 
For printing, the thicker your grid the better.
We work very hard to keep your borders and make them even. Our lab techs watch every single image and layout that is ordered.

I will bet $ that if you had an image with a thin border printed somewhere else, it would look just like this one on the bottom.

Step 2 Video Tutorial

Here is the video tutorial for creating a digital scrapbook page with Picasa- Step #2.
Forgive my voice.  You may also watch it on our You Tube Channel here: http://www.youtube.com/persnicketyprints

For those of you that would prefer a "written" tutorial, I am working with Sarah from Clover Lane to bring those to you!
 by Sarah at Clover Lane
Visit our You Tube Channel for all Persnickety tutorials.

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  1. Woo Hoo!! This is so helpful. Just started using Picasa and will hopefully place my first PP order soon. Thanks so much!! Oh, and I'm so excited about the freebie papers for Picasa - y'all are awesome!

  2. I think $1.99 per page is great. But to be fair, we have to add $5 shipping fees as well to the total cost.

    1. $1.99 is the best 12x12 print price I have ever seen... The shipping price is very reasonable, especially if you save up and order a bunch at a time :). Shutterfly charges $1.-- for a 5x7 alone. Not speaking on quality, just print and shipping pricing. They charge a few dollars to ship too. Costco for a 12x12 is 2.99. Anyway just had to add my two cents. two years later lol.

  3. i thought it was for free. as i come from south africa and to order something like this on line will cost another extra dollars to get here.. i just want to publish mine on facebook

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