January 29, 2012

Camera Settings and Megapixels

Have you ever taken a great photo with your digital camera, it looks great on your computer screen but when you print it, it looks like a bad mosaic? 

This could be due to a low resolution setting on your camera.

Most professional photo printers print between 150 and 300 pixels per inch or "ppi" to achieve photographic quality. If you wanted to enlarge a photo from your digital camera to an 8x10 print, you would have to take the photo at a minimum resolution of 150ppi or 1200 x 1500 pixels (8x150 + 10x150). The table below will give you an idea of the relationship between prints and resolution.

When it comes to printing your photos, it is adviseable to have your camera always set to the highest resolution for the most flexibility. One drawback to this is that the larger resolution means larger file sizes for your photos, decreasing the amount of photos you can keep on your camera at any one time.

You may also notice from the table above that the amount of megapixels your camera has limits the maximum quality and size you can ulimately achieve.

My photos look fine on my computer screen!

Don't be decieved by how your photos appear on your computer monitor, your monitor displays photos at 72 ppi, whereas photos are printed at more than twice that resolution.

We are here to help. Not only does our online software "warn" you that you have uploaded an image at a low resolution, our Persnickety Lab Techs inspect your prints before and after production. 
We will stop the printing process, pick up the phone and call you--- if you don't want to hear from us... double check your resolution!

Learn more about Resolution from our previous articles...

January 20, 2012

Love is All Around

Today we have 10 free papers for you.
Why? Because we are spreading the love!

"Love is All Around"
So many ways to spread the love.

here are some ideas.....
4x6 cello bag topper

6x6 prints for love decor

hang them from a love tree

get creative- 

Thank you for being our Persnickety "Pal"-

Grab these coordinating graphics here.


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January 19, 2012

Lizzy Pinckney Designs

Welcome, our new in house designer, Lizzy Pinckney!

Lizzy is beyond creative- all I can say is; "watch out new Martha Stewart paper craft line!" (do you think Martha really sits down and digitally creates her stuff? ...thought so...)

Lizzy Pinckney is in the house!
If you are local to us (Orem, Utah) you need to come in the store. You will find all sorts of Lizzy's graphics in our new kiosks, ready for you to use (no photoshop needed!).

These Love Goodies are perfect for your own Cards, Valentines Gifts, or cut down to decorate a little Love Tree! Got Kids? The classroom party is right around the corner!

 ---> Download for free. Coordinating Papers coming soon!

*4 individual .png 8x8 300dpi files

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-Be sure to leave Lizzy some "warm fuzzys" below!

January 17, 2012

2x2 Instagram Prints

Our eyes are still burning from staring at all the different 3D screens and gadgets at the 2012 International CES Convention in Las Vegas.
We will expand on this in a few days (still recovering). What we did notice was that Instagram seemed to be everywhere.

If you haven't heard of a little smart phone app called Instagram, you are missing out!
We started blogging about this little addictive jewel a year ago. There are now over 8 million users, all sharing their fun & quirky images with the many different Polaroid effects available in the app.
(see Instagram FAQ)

Last year we contacted the guys behind instagram about finding a solution to high resolution exporting (currently at 612x612 pixels)
Until we can get there, printing anything larger than a 5x5 print might get tricky and won't look sharp.

Never fear, we are here!

There are a few ways to order.
1. Import your Instagram photos via your smart phone to your computer & upload to your Persnickety Prints account.
2. Upload directly from iphoto with our iphoto plugin.
3. Install the free Persnickety Prints iPhone app to upload directly from your phone.
4. Create an account with Followgram for online instagram viewing. Right click the images you need, "Save As" to your computer. (remember these are 612x612 pixels)
5. Email images to your Persnickety account from your cell phone. (please allow 48 hours until imported)
6. Layout your Instagram photos 9-up on an 8x8 canvas- see below. Add text, description to the photos, or cut them out for other creative uses. Download Free .psd Template.
 (photoshop or a photo editing program needed)

Download this FREE .psd Template here.

Don't forget to use the #persnicketyprints hashtag when using Instagram!

Instagram Photos

January 16, 2012


Last year we started using a little app called Instagram.

In a handful of months, Instagram has amassed well over 8 million users on the iPhone platform alone.
It seems that everyone is loving this smartphone app... even President Barak Obama!
If you don't have it yet, give it a try!

Use Hashtags when posting.  They are "searchable".
We will be having some Instagram photo contests soon. (stay tuned!) 
In fact, use hashtag #persnicketyprints when posting and your photo will be added to our Instagram stream!

What is a Hashtag? Add the # sign before a word/description to make it searchable within Instagram.

Participate in the Instagram Weekend Hashtag Project.
This is a series featuring designated themes & hashtags chosen by Instagram’s Community Team. For a chance to be featured on the Instagram blog, follow @jayzombie and look for a photo from her announcing the weekend’s project every Friday.

Convert your everyday smart phone photos into a work of art for all to see!

Instagram photos are still set to export at 612x612 pixels (we are working on getting a larger resolution solution!)

Persnickety Prints can print em up in a fun little 4x4 or 5x5 printed on matte, glossy, metallic photo paper. Or, choose one of our cardstock finishes... pearl, linen, glossy 110# cover. We also have a 9-up, 2x2 template available for download.

have an instagram account? follow us.
use the #persnicketyprints hashtag. let's play! Instagram FAQ

January 14, 2012

if i die - facebook app

Why didn't I think of this first?

Wish you had one last thing to say?
Now is your chance!
 if i die is the first and only facebook application that enables you to create a video or a text message that will only be published after you die. 
It could be your life story, a secret you haven't shared before or even a will. 
It's easy... 
1. Install the app on Facebook
2. Record your message (text or video)
3. Choose your trustees

 After installing the app, the user is asked to choose trustees from his Facebook friends list, those trustees will receive a message about their important task - confirm your death. Only when all 3 trustees confirm the passing, the pre-recorded or written message will be published on the deceased Facebook profile (wall posting).

Install the app HERE, because you never know.... today could be your last day!

The only advice I would give this company... change your name to "when i die", because unfortunately, this is the inevitable. 


January 12, 2012

East or West?

Thanks to Social Media, there is not a better time for Entrepenuers than now- 

Any of these look familiar?
Check out where they were born, and tell us- 
Are you an East Coast or West Coast user?
{mouse over for interactive info}

Via MBA@UNC: Online MBA

January 11, 2012

Free 8x10 Printable

We are getting ready for the big Persnickety Prints Open House, celebrating our new store front. 
Locals can now come in and have some quality, hands on, one-on-one time with us here at Persnickety! 

We will be starting some crazy cool workshops. 
Kiosks are now available for anyone and everyone to come in and whip up their own creative photo goodies with our custom templates.

We wish YOU ALL lived just a little closer.
Never fear.. we will keep you posted via the web, and include you in every way possible!

Our Open House Theme.... 
shown as a 12x18. brush by rhonna designs

This Free 8x10 printable 
is a reminder of our PP LOVE! 
> Download includes a .jpg and .pdf version
DOWNLOAD via box.com

Let us print & deliver it right to your door!

January 9, 2012

Persnickety Prints Open House

YOU are invited....


Free Photoshoot by International Photographer Kenneth Linge
-includes a FREE 8x10 print
Drawings. Discounts + Free Printing for all Attendees
Yummy Food!