March 22, 2013

Polaroid Prints + Project Life with rukristin papercrafts

Hi Everyone! I'm Kristin of rukristin papercrafts. I am so excited to be contributing to the Persnickety Prints blog. Each week I'll be sharing creative tips, tricks and tutorials to take your photos to the next level. 

A little bit about meI'm a millennial scrapbooker who loves graphic design, social justice, my iPhone, and my boyfriend Jeffrey.  I live right outside of NYC in North Jersey. I'm a memory-keeper at heart and I have a quirky way of going about it. I love Project Life, writing, taking photos with my iPhone, and sharing on social media (I love internet friends). I feel passionate about documenting my everyday story and inspiring others to do the same. If you'd like to learn more about me, you can read this self-interviewYou can find me everyday on instagramtwitter, and facebook for even more inspiration. 
When Persnickety announced the new Instagram polaroid prints I immediately fell in love. My biggest barrier to completing Project Life on a timely basis is getting my photos from my phone/camera to my scrap table; and because 90-95% of my Project Life photos are instagrams, I knew this would be a fantastic solution. 

I love that extra space at the bottom; it's just so reminiscent of an old-school polaroid where you would take a permanent marker and jot down the time and place of the photo.  The space is also perfect for a bit of stamping, washi tape,  extra journaling, alpha stickers  and more. It's a tiny bit of room for a little extra creativity on the bottom of your photo. The best part -- it just slides right into the page protector and you're done. Simple, fast, and creative -- really a killer combination. 

This is my Project Life spread for weeks 9 and 10. The polaroids made it simple to complete, yet still totally my style. Tip: I put any bulky embellishments (flair, chipboard, enamel dots) on the outside of the page protectors, using liquid glue and letting it dry overnight. I like the way that the page protectors lie flat, I think you can see the photos and the journaling better this way; especially when you're sharing online. 

Stamping on the bottom of the polaroid prints is very easy. I use Staze-On permanant ink and try to keep a steady hand. The ink is very wet at first and can smudge if your hand moves when stamping. Tip: Keep a permanent marker/journaling pen (my favorite is the Sakura MicroPerm pen) nearby to fill in any spots or smudged lines after you've stamped your image. To learn more about my Currently Journaling Challenge -- a perfect way to add weekly journaling into your Project Life spread -- click here

A new stack of polaroid prints is sitting on my desk anxiously waiting to be decorated up and slipped right into this week's Project Life spread! 

Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know me a little bit better, I can't wait to share fun creative inspiration each week. Thank you so much to the Persnickety Prints team for this awesome opportunity! Find me on Instagram for a sneak peek at all the photos you'll see on the blog!


  1. I LOVE this and love your idea! I have seen something like this before but now I am more even more inspired!

  2. thank you Kristin! Excited to "get to know" you!