September 30, 2011

1-12 Chipboard Numbers

    Sometimes layouts and images need a little extra "Oomph" before final completion.

Persnickety Chipboard Numbers are here in your time of need!
(change the color to match your layout)

.png file
 instructions included


September 25, 2011

Getting that "Sketch" Look in Photoshop

I have been seeing this new "sketch" technique around digi-land and tried to accomplish it myself.
No luck with my current Photoshop filters.

Then, I saw Kami's layout that we printed for her on our metallic photographic paper at the Scrapbook USA Expo:

Kami's layouts just amaze me!

This Sketch Technique is awesome, and there are so many ways to use it!
Here Kami takes a photo of a brick wall, creates a sketch, and extracts it onto her background paper:

Kami is the genius behind the store, ScrapOrchard, and is well known as designer Ziggle Scraps.

She assured me that she would be working up a tutorial on how she acheived this layout.
And that she did: Click here for Kami's Tutorial using the Plugin Akvis.

I just got around to playing with this plugin myself:


Super Easy-
Thanks Kami!

September 16, 2011

A Free Kit for Fall

Fall is in the air! I love it! Everything about it, the kids are back in school, football season starts, the leaves change, and after 10 years of being with Gap, inc., I have found that fall fashion is my favorite season of style too.

I mean, look at these styles for Fall 2011 from Piperlime, a Gap, inc division. Sassy!
 Too bad I don't get that employee discount anymore:(

...What I do get now, is the chance to create, and more importantly to meet some pretty sassy women from all over the globe!

Here is a quick layout from the new Persnickety Kit: Modern Fall.

There are 20 Papers included in this Kit that highlight Fall Colors.
Perfect for Picasa users too!

Grab the Elements HERE.
These elements are .png files. You will need to use a software that is compatable.


Why do we give you such awesome digital downloads? 

1. We just love to give!

2. So that you will print with us, of course!
 Think of the SAVINGS-- You can create awesome layouts for FREE & print them for under $2! (back in the paper scrapbooking era, I would spend $5 printing 4x6 prints, and another $3-5 buying the paper kit- not to mention the glue/tape/and time! Then when I would run out of letter A in my sticker alpha set, I would have to buy an entire new set! Oh, digital how I love thee!)

3. We are MOST inspired by YOU! It is better than Christmas when our customers show us what they do with our stuff! Please feel free to upload the layouts you create with our freebies to our Facebook Wall- we love to see them!

Have Fun with this!

September 12, 2011

2012 Calendars

Just a sneak peak of what we have in store for YOU this Holiday Season! 
(yep, I said it-- Holiday--December is less than 3 months away!)

The 2012 Calendar might be the best gift you can give someone. Not only are you reminding them monthly how much you love and care for them, every time they flip that page, they will be enthralled by your creative genius!

Our software is so easy to use. Plus, you can customize specific days with images and text!
(highlight YOUR birthday with neon colors and maybe a photo of that iPad you have been hoping for?)

That's my Mom with my BFF's Mom. {cute!}

The 12x12 Calendar is a great way to put those digi layouts to use. When the month has ended, tear it off and add it to your album!

This year I'm going to give this 12x18 flat calendar, printed on Pearl Cardstock. 
This way, I only have to come up with one image for each Calendar/Gift! (which then allows for more time to make other cool stuff)

Don't wait until December 23rd!

As always, you can play around with our free calendar software, and save it as you go.
Video Tutorials will be available soon!

September 10, 2011

New Features to your online account

You may notice some new changes to your personal Persnickety account. You don't have one?
By all means... it's free, and a great place to store your stuff!

New Members can sign up here.

Already our friend? Login here.

As you know, your online Persnickety account can do many things. You can edit your photo's, scrapbook them, share them, and even run a slideshow on your iPad or computer.

The hardest part about your account? Uploading those darn pic's! I admit, it isn't fun importing, exporting, uploading, downloading. In fact, I absolutely dread it.

We are trying to keep you happy, and more importantly, save you time. (no more excuses for laundry piles and an overgrown lawn!)

As we have almost completed integration for an even faster uploading tool, we have added some great new features that you should really play with!

First: That darn Picasa.
I love Picasa, I do... but it is a challenge getting it the first time. We have these video tutorials that can help. Written tutorials can be found here at Memories on Cloverlane
Picasa is a great way to whip up scrapbook layouts fast.

Once your image is saved in your Picasa Web Album, you can NOW just login to your Persnickety Prints account, and just pull them in!

Easy AND Fast!
This works for any images you have on your Phone, Facebook, Flickr, and Photobucket!

You likey??

Great... once your images are all safe and sound in your account... Why not click a button and show them off?

 The new slideshows include Wall 3D, Thumbnail Slide, Stack Album, Simple Scale, Pan and Zoom, and Simple Thumbnail views. 

Let us know which one is your fav!

*we have a question- "can you share an online album?" - Why Yes! You sure can!
Just Click the SHARE button up top! 

September 9, 2011

Scrapbook USA- Fall Show

Here I am at the Sandy Expo Center in where else?... Sandy, Utah. It is the Scrapbook USA Expo, and the only way I can hang with my girls from ScrapOrchard!

We have from left to right ---> Chelle, who lives in Logan Utah,  ScrapOrchard Owner Kami is from California,  Jenny from West Jordan,  Jen came all the way from Seattle,  Suzy from Southern Utah. Meredith is on the end.

 Meredith and I are posers. We came to help because we were promised a free t-shirt.

Kami made this marketing display all via her own creative mind. She took a bolt of of burlap. Cut it up, and painted away. Who comes up with this stuff? Kami does. The scrapbook paper vendors don't like us very much.

I love this layout Kami made of her daughter, we printed a 20x20, mounted, sprayed + textured. You just want to reach out and touch it!
Another brilliant idea that these guys came up with-- a bubble gum machine filled with chances to win stuff!

Jenny sure likes Meredith's chocolate cake!

... until tomorrow!