September 10, 2011

New Features to your online account

You may notice some new changes to your personal Persnickety account. You don't have one?
By all means... it's free, and a great place to store your stuff!

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As you know, your online Persnickety account can do many things. You can edit your photo's, scrapbook them, share them, and even run a slideshow on your iPad or computer.

The hardest part about your account? Uploading those darn pic's! I admit, it isn't fun importing, exporting, uploading, downloading. In fact, I absolutely dread it.

We are trying to keep you happy, and more importantly, save you time. (no more excuses for laundry piles and an overgrown lawn!)

As we have almost completed integration for an even faster uploading tool, we have added some great new features that you should really play with!

First: That darn Picasa.
I love Picasa, I do... but it is a challenge getting it the first time. We have these video tutorials that can help. Written tutorials can be found here at Memories on Cloverlane
Picasa is a great way to whip up scrapbook layouts fast.

Once your image is saved in your Picasa Web Album, you can NOW just login to your Persnickety Prints account, and just pull them in!

Easy AND Fast!
This works for any images you have on your Phone, Facebook, Flickr, and Photobucket!

You likey??

Great... once your images are all safe and sound in your account... Why not click a button and show them off?

 The new slideshows include Wall 3D, Thumbnail Slide, Stack Album, Simple Scale, Pan and Zoom, and Simple Thumbnail views. 

Let us know which one is your fav!

*we have a question- "can you share an online album?" - Why Yes! You sure can!
Just Click the SHARE button up top! 


  1. I was hoping for a way to share my whole albums (and not just the photos) with friends and family the way I can on Shutterfly. I've even sold a few when they have seen them.

  2. Hi Donna! We have added a screen shot of where you can do this! Let us know if you have any other questions-

  3. I see that. I guess my definition of an album is the actual photo album and not the folder of pictures. Maybe I'm not saying it the right way. I have made and ordered a 90 page scrapbook (album) that is upload on the PP site that I would like to share with my family and friends.

    I don't want to share the individual photos that are in the folders (which you have label and album in the above screen shot).

  4. Donna- Got it. Because the Photo Book module uses graphics that are copyrighted, this isn't an option with the our bound books. I know that you used your own layouts, but the system doesn't know that, and the option just isn't there to show off a book that "flips" through the pages.
    We may be able to change that- we will let Lifepics know that there is a request for this!

  5. LOVING this new slideshow option! Thanks

  6. That would be great if you could do that. I can do it on Shutterfly. Although I don't order from them - I upload my pages there just so I can share the books with my family. Thanks.