September 26, 2010

Fall in Utah

Fall is my favorite time of year.  For those of you who don’t know me, I enjoy riding my bike.  When I’m not at work printing your scrapbook layouts, I’m on my bike.  When I’m not on my bike, I’m thinking about being on my bike, or racing my bike or planning a bike ride.   You could say that I’m obsessed about anything related to bikes or biking.  I eat food or I don’t eat food, so as to make me a better biker.  Food tastes better after a big bike ride.  Most of my friends are bikers.  People I hang out with ride bikes or work at bike shops.  I could talk about frames, handlebars, wheels, etc. for hours and hours and not get bored. Ok .. so I think I’ve established that I’m a bikeaholic.

Back to Fall being my favorite time of year. I live in Provo Utah located in the heart of the Wasatch Mountains.  These mountains are covered with a mixture of pine, aspen and scrub oak.  Every year in late September the leaves change.  First the scrub oak starts with a sharp orange and red, followed by the aspens green to yellow.  Combine that with cyan and light green needles of the pines and you get a symphony of colors that truly are breath taking.   The trails that I usually ride on in the summer turn from dusty brown to a carpet of yellow and red.  The temperatures are mild and the scenery is spectacular.   Sometimes I’ll come around a bend on a dark and shaded trail covered with leaves and come upon a single scrub oak being lit up by the sun, just screaming “look at me, look at me!” I stop and gladly oblige.
I’m with my kids this weekend and we had big plans to hike to the summit of Mount Timpanogas today. This is about a 6 hour hike that I enjoy doing about once a year.  This is the best time to attempt it.  The problem was that yesterday we all did a 5 k run for a neighbor that had been diagnosed with cancer which left us all tired and sore.  I just couldn’t bring myself to roust my kids out of bed this morning to go hike on sore legs.  I wish I could sleep like a teenager, but like most mornings I was awake by 6:30.  I hung out for as long as my addiction would allow and then packed up my bike and headed for the high country.   I put together about a 35 mile loop thru some of the most beautiful trail in the area.  I brought my camera along hoping to capture some of what I experienced.  I don’t think I quite got it, but I’ll keep trying for future blog posts.  Now, as I sit at my computer and type this I feel tired and content, full of endorphins and the beauty that the world has to give.

Now what will be my next bike adventure?

September 23, 2010

Digiscrap-apalooza with us!

YOU are invited!
Digiscrap-apalooza is a day long workshop at the Riviera Hotel & Casino on April 2, 2011, with a reception held the night before.  Classes will be taught by some of the industries leading professionals.
This is the PERFECT excuse to get to the strip! 
Come hang out with us... it's so much more exciting than a virtual chat!
Brought to you by Scrap Orchard
Convention Chatter
Digiscrap-apalooza Home Page

Grab a friend, or just come and play with us! April 2, 2011! The first 50 Registrants are entered for a chance to win the iPad! So HURRY UP! 
Pre-Registration rates end November 7th!
This registration fee is non-refundable. It is transferable upon written notification of transfer- required at least 5 days prior to the convention. 
Digiscrap-apalooza will be held at the Riviera Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada - April 1 & 2, 2011.  There will be a reception on April 1st starting at 5:00 pm (local time).  We will have a full day of classes on April 2nd beginning at 9:00 am (local time).  The convention registration fees include a continental breakfast and a lunch on April 2nd.  As we get closer to the convention, we will provide you with more information regarding the convention agenda.
Register HERE

September 22, 2010

Image Size and Resolution

Image Size
Image Size is the size of your original digital photo file, measured in pixels and DPI (Dots Per Inch). What is a pixel? A pixel is a small square dot. DPI refers to the number of dots (pixels) per inch. Why is this important? Well, if an image is too small, you might not be able to order a large size print or other photo product. A general rule of thumb for image size versus print size is: the image size should be at least the size of the print you want multiplied by 300, at 300 DPI. For example, if you want to order a 4x6 print, the image size should be 1200 pixels (4 x 300) by 1800 pixels (6 x 300) at 300 DPI. If the image size was half of that (600 by 900), then the 4x6 print would likely come out distorted or pixilated if you were to order a print.

Camera Settings
Decide in advance what is more important: image quality or room on your memory card. You can set your camera to take photos that are larger or smaller in size. If you know you will only be printing 4x6 photos, then you can reduce the image quality, which allows you to store more photos on your memory card. If you will be printing enlargements or other photo products like photo books, then keep the setting on "high" for higher quality images. The image sizes will be larger and you will not be able to store as many on your memory card at one time. Also, set the file type as "jpeg" if your camera allows you to control that detail. You might have a "tiff" option, but it is not necessary to save the photos as "tiff" files, and it will only take up more room on your memory card.

If you have a point and shoot camera, open your main menu, and find the setting for "image quality" (or something similar). Usually, the options are "low," "medium," and "high." Choose "high" for higher quality (larger) photos. If you have an SLR camera, you probably have additional options. Just stick to high quality jpeg images, unless you know you will be doing extensive image editing and post-production. In that case, you might want to shoot RAW files.

The resolution of your photo is directly impacted by the image size. The more pixels your photos have, the higher their resolution is.

When you upload photos to your online account, you are given three upload options: "Regular," "Fast," and "Fastest." When you choose "Fast" or "Fastest," the photos are compressed, so the resolution will be less than the original photo file. So, if you are just uploading to order 4x6 prints, "Fastest" will be fine. But, if you wish to order enlargements, photo books, calendars, and other photo products, choose the "Regular" speed, which uploads the photos at their original resolution.

Once the photos are uploaded, you will notice three bars for each photo in your account. If all three bars are green, that means that the resolution of the photo that is in the account is sufficient enough to order just about anything on the site. If the bars are all red, you have uploaded a low resolution photo. Try to find the original photo file and check the size. If the size is sufficient enough to order prints (based on the rule we mentioned above about multiplying the desired print size by 300 and comparing to the actual image size), re-upload the photo at "Regular" upload speed. Photos with two or three red bars will generate poor quality prints, especially if you are trying to order anything larger than 4x6 prints.
We also will double check the resolution on our end. If we catch a low res file when printing, we always stop and notify you. We want you to be happy with your prints.


Additional Tips
Now that you understand image size and resolution a bit more, and understand why they are important when working in your online photo account, here are a few more extra tips about image size and resolution:
  • Most computer screens display photos at 72 DPI. That means the printed photo will look different than how it appears on your computer screen
  • If you crop a photo too much (zoom in too much), it will always look pixilated and distorted, no matter how large the image size is.
  • Once you take the photo, you cannot increase the size or resolution by increasing the number of pixels in any photo editing program. If you wish to increase the resolution or file size, you must do so by adjusting your camera settings before you take any more photos.

September 21, 2010

CD Desktop Template Freebie


Yes, I know it is a bit early, but we just couldn't wait any longer! This Cd Template is just so versatile and fun... had to share it NOW. 
Thank you Molly for creating this piece of goodness exclusively for our Persnickety People!

Beginning today through the end of October we'll have contests, freebies and giveaways.
First up: Challenge and Freebie! from Biograffiti

Challenge Info
1.  Download this entire calendar template kit from Biograffiti HERE
2.  Create & Upload your Calendar to your favorite Gallery.
3.  Come back HERE to our DOM Page and post a comment with a link to your gallery post.  
One point for every calendar page (month) uploaded, up to 12 entries.
4.  You have until Friday October 9th 2010 @ 11:59pm MST to enter!

5 Winners will be chosen at random and each winner will receive
$10 Coupon to Biograffiti
$10 Coupon to Persnickety Prints

Check out what the Creative Team did with it:

AMAZING talent ladies!

September 17, 2010

House of 3

The House of 3 {dot} com is a website from the creative minds of
... all 3 of these amazing women in ONE spot. Perfect.
They have just launched the first of their new Halloween line. Whether you are throwing a party, helping out in the classroom, or decorating your home, you can find all of your needs at the House of 3!


You see this ready made "printable canvas" art above? 
Rhonna has designed this as a large 16x20 downloadable product. Genius. 
This means that you can print it 16x20, 8x10, 4x5.. all from the same file at a great resolution! We printed these on our metallic photo paper, and mounted them on 3/8" foam core. With the protective laminate coating, it can be framed without glass... spit on, used as a placemat, bib, etc. no problem.
Rhonna took it from us and did just that, then she cut it and stuck it in this oval frame, just perfect for Halloween!

You must watch the House of 3 live web shows. It beats NBC. Especially when they show off their "persnickety prints".
For example, this live show here is full of Halloween craft ideas using all of their digital products. 
Of course around the 42 minute mark, it gets really good... the climax... drum roll...
the Persnickety Metallic Prints. 
We hate to toot our own horn, but... just watch it.

These are typically on Wednesday nights.
  Sign up for the House of 3 Newsletter for a quick email reminder.

When you lack that creative mojo, the House of 3 is the place to turn. Not only do they thrill us with their web shows, they have a shop full of digital "goodness". 
 Wall art, hybrid everything, printable everything... 
you know... just check it out.. HERE.

September 15, 2010

The New Nikon D7000

Photographer Chase Jarvis gets to play with the new Nikon 7000 before it hits shelves.

I want one.

  • 16.2 Megapixels
  • 1080p full HD video)
  • ISO up to 6400
  • Magnesium alloy construction

Check out the more specs, images, the Camera Road Test and a Short Film, all shot from this new beauty on Chase's blog here. 
Ahhhh.... I know what I will be asking Santa for this year!

September 11, 2010


Whew! Where do we start? The Decor? The Ambiance? The really cool Persnickety Prints hanging all over the place? There is just so much goodness at Spark... the list is endless.

What is Spark?
This is a local event that will get people excited about their hobbies of the arts. Whether it’s photography, jewelry making, scrap booking, wool felting; whatever it may be, SPARK will spark their creative outlets.
The founders of SPARK, Elizabeth Kartchner, Margie Romney-Aslett and Rhonna Farrer, are three self-taught arts and crafts loving women from Utah, that have traveled the world and inspired artistic minds throughout the country and worldwide. Last year was SPARK’s first go-around and the success was larger than they expected. Farrer states, “This year, we have capped the event at 200 people and there are very few spots left.” This event provides the resources to spark the creativity of artistic wannabes and event gallery aficionados locally and beyond.

-There were definitely more than 200 people there today.

These women are amazing. So much work and detail went into this event. 
I was even in love with the table centerpieces. All Vintage. So Unique.
When Spark Guests arrived, they were directed to registration where they had their picture taken for the dinner event (see below post as to why we missed it). Then they received a Swag Bag filled with all kinds of crafting goodies. Guests could choose one of four colors from the cutest handmade name tags I have ever seen! Of course tagged with a "HELLO my Name is" print designed by the talented Rhonna ... yes, photo paper is sooo versatile!

Persnickety Mounted Prints Galore! 

Rhonna created this class list, we printed a 30x40, mounted it, and 
then she dolled it up with some doilies and ribbon. Genius.
The classes are coded by color. The name tag color that you chose, 
is how your schedule went for the event. Genius.

Lizzy, Chari, Rhonna... look at us *spark*le!

Ok, in my next life, I want to be Jeremy Miller. Coolest job ever. 
He is a Cinematographer. 
I want to film Giraffe's in Africa while flying above in a helicopter.
I want to film Shaun White skateboarding. Dang.
You can check out his latest demo Here. It's pretty cool.

Jeremy filmed the entire Spark Event. Can't wait for my copy!

Women traveled from all over the world to attend Spark.
It was so much fun to meet such crazy talented people today! Can't wait until next year!

September 10, 2010

Scrapbook USA Expo Fall Show

Team Persnickety stopped by the Scrapbook USA Expo today in Sandy, Utah.  
Kenny couldn't get enough of the new Cricut Imagine! Not kidding. This is a very cool machine that prints AND cuts. I can only imagine how many ink cartridges I would go through. 
Did we mention that inkjet prints are NOT waterproof, scratch & fade resistant? 
If you haven't checked out our video demo... here it is. Gosh, I love my Persnickety Prints... 

... and these glasses are the new look for fall. Coming to a retailer near you.

September 9, 2010

Off to... SPARK

We will keep you posted about all of the great things you are missing out on! he-he
There is always next year! :)

September 7, 2010

Persnickety 8x4 Simple Greeting Card Free Download

Sometimes the perfect picture makes the perfect card. This modern greeting card template makes the image the focus. Download this 8x4 template (in blue/green). It comes as a layered .psd file.
Change the colors, clip paper, add elements, make it your own!


September 6, 2010

Capitol Reef, Utah part 2

Yep, first thing this morning, we head out to do the Sulfur Creek Hike. Wouldn't you know it, we walk into the Capitol Reef Visitor Center and there it is... an entire wall full of brochures, all in Papyrus! I had to laugh, and then hurry and snap a picture.

After our Sulfur Creek Hike (I will spare you all of the swimming suit pictures) we drove to the Jackson Orchard in Fruita.

Fruita is exactly that.. fruit trees, but get this; a 200 acre orchard, with over 2,700 trees, growing all kinds of fruits, in the middle of a desert? It is amazing. The Freemont River flows directly through the middle of Capitol Reef National Park, without it, there wouldn't be irrigation for these orchards. Visitors can climb ladders, and pick their own fruit. It's all you can eat.
The kids loved it.

 At the nearby Gifford House (The Giffords were the last residents of Fruita) You can buy the absolute best homemade peach, apple, or mixed berry pie you have ever tasted! All fresh. Thank you Freemont River!
Me and the Husband are standing on an overlook above the River and Orchards.

Just as the local named "Amanda" had promised, we found the hidden, beach front waterfall. Couldn't have been a better day. Hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend! Now, back to work...

September 4, 2010

Capitol Reef, Utah

This Labor Day weekend, I packed up the boys and we headed to Capitol Reef National Park.
For those of you that haven't been to this part of Utah... here it is, Day 1.
A 2.5 hour drive, that with 3 boys + 1 husband that drinks a lot of Mountain Dew, seems more like 5 hours.

Lucky for us, there was a really nice cabin available at short notice, kinda made it all worth it when we arrived.
However, I almost didn't book this said Cabin after visiting the website. Typefont is Papyrus... I hate Papyrus. I mentioned this to Mr Briggs, the owner, when I spoke to him over the phone, but he explained me that the font Papyrus was one of his favorites. After arriving here in the town, I think everything is in Papyrus (menu's, signs, t-shirts). Tomorrow I will take pictures of everything I see in the typefont Papyrus. The town will be amazed when I bring in some new fonts on our next family vaca.
Okay, focus... we took interstate 24 to get here, and passed through some great small towns. I love small towns.
This is my little 4 year old, Ryder.
He loves to wear his cowboy boots without socks, on the opposite feet. 

We stopped in the small town, Torrey, for some Buffalo Burgers at the Red River Ranch
Ryder found a swing. I couldn't resist taking pics with this light.

Capitol Reef National Park is known for it's magnificent and colorful canyons, ridges, buttes, and monoliths. A "local" named Amanda told us about a secret hike that we will do tomorrow, if Ryder can take off those boots.

Persnickety Template Freebie #3

This template includes the Orange Damask Background, which can easily be removed.
Download via Here.