September 6, 2010

Capitol Reef, Utah part 2

Yep, first thing this morning, we head out to do the Sulfur Creek Hike. Wouldn't you know it, we walk into the Capitol Reef Visitor Center and there it is... an entire wall full of brochures, all in Papyrus! I had to laugh, and then hurry and snap a picture.

After our Sulfur Creek Hike (I will spare you all of the swimming suit pictures) we drove to the Jackson Orchard in Fruita.

Fruita is exactly that.. fruit trees, but get this; a 200 acre orchard, with over 2,700 trees, growing all kinds of fruits, in the middle of a desert? It is amazing. The Freemont River flows directly through the middle of Capitol Reef National Park, without it, there wouldn't be irrigation for these orchards. Visitors can climb ladders, and pick their own fruit. It's all you can eat.
The kids loved it.

 At the nearby Gifford House (The Giffords were the last residents of Fruita) You can buy the absolute best homemade peach, apple, or mixed berry pie you have ever tasted! All fresh. Thank you Freemont River!
Me and the Husband are standing on an overlook above the River and Orchards.

Just as the local named "Amanda" had promised, we found the hidden, beach front waterfall. Couldn't have been a better day. Hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend! Now, back to work...

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  1. I have been to that waterfall. If you are heading up the Moab way you should check out this great guesthouse In Castle Valley, A Quiet Place. It is operated out of a school Daystar Academy. Rates were awesome and the beds and the people who run it were great!