July 31, 2011

Cyber Friends

Yesterday I posted about my BFF Hollie. We see each other everyday, our kids play, our husbands play- I am a lucky girl. 

I also have some beautiful friends online, and my absolute most favorite thing is to be able to meet them in real life! Yesterday, I met a "PP Blog Reader"at my son's soccer game.
I will get to that -- Kristina Proffitt just distracted me:)

Funny, as I am writing this, I received a facebook notice that Kristina just wrote on my wall:
See-  I LOVE my Cyber Friends!
I have never met Kristina in real life, but I feel like I know everything about her! Kristina lives in Nashville. I am in Utah. Kristina has 2 kids. Her oldest daughter has Type 1 Diabetes. 
Mothers with children that need constant care due to medical reasons are my number one hero's. Kristina is an awesome photographer, and an amazing designer. Here is her Blog.

I met Julie (aka "LeeLou Blogs") via the web back in 2008. (far right)
She lives in Oregon.
LeeLou offers some great free blogger templates and other goodies. I have met Julie a few times IRL (in real life:) and every time we see each other, I feel like we just pick up where we left off. Julie is scheduled to have her 4th child tomorrow! Good Luck Julie!
Suzy lives about 3 hours away from me. She is a graphic designer and a smarty pants business woman. The first time I met Suzy IRL was last year at the CBC Conference in Salt Lake City.
Then we hit Vegas this past spring for Digiscrap*apalooza, a gathering of scrappers celebrating ScrapOrchards 3rd Birthday Party.
Even though I was a "vendor"- Suzy invited me to be on her "team". 

I just love meeting these great women all around the world. 
The Internet is powerful in so many ways!

"Writing" is not my cup of tea. I find it difficult to portray my sarcastic tone in a sentence, and I fear I will send the wrong message. I also don't like writing about myself. Other people are much more interesting. I have concluded- I will do what I do, and if they don't like it, they won't read it.

Having said that- it sure is rewarding to meet a "Blog Reader".

My oldest son Ethan just started playing soccer for a AAA Soccer Team called the Rangers here in Utah. We have been at our first tournament all weekend. 

That's Ethan making his momma proud.

It is our first year with the Rangers, and we haven't had a chance to get to know many of the parents yet.

My husband sets up our umbrella, blankets and chair right next to this nice couple, the Reeds.
Lara looks over and says- "Hey, are you Persnickety?"
It caught me off guard.
Me- "um, yeah."
Lara- "I read your blog."
Me- "really? awesome! I didn't know that anyone *really* reads the blog."

I figure the comments we get here and there are just you guys being really nice. Kinda like when the stand up comedian says some stupid joke, but you feel like you have to force a really loud laugh to make him feel better.

How funny is it that my son and Lara's son, Camden, are on this team together? Hooray for blogs! 

Go Rangers!

July 30, 2011

Everyone Needs a Friend

Everyone needs a friend.
I am so lucky to have mine.

My Best Friend Hollie and I met in the 9th grade.
(we are going on 22 years- you can do the math!)

We have 7 children between the 2 of us.
 It isn't an "accident" that they are all the same age. 
Motherhood is more enjoyable when you are pregnant with someone, changing diapers with someone, and up for 2 am feedings with someone.
We both work- it is a bonus to "swap" a kid here and there to get the job done! Hollie and I also only live 2 blocks from each other.... i know, this is getting a little creepy huh?
Let's just leave it at that for now.

You can't pick your child.
 Boy or Girl.
 Loud, quiet, hyper or calm, they come as they are.
I have Noah, Hollie had Libby-  but it works, and they have a blast together. 

 Ethan & Chase (now 10)

Noah & Liberty (now 9) 
Not as loud

Ryder & Indie (now 5)

Hollie went on to have a fourth child, Capri Claire. Mine didn't make it- and that's that.  Capri looks sweet and innocent in this picture. 
She is louder than all of the other 6 kids put together.

*** *** *** ***
We have traveled the world.

 We lived together in college and did stupid things...

...like wear all denim and take pictures...

...and denim overalls too.

We went to Vegas 16 years ago...

... and went again last month.

Maybe we are afraid to grow up?

We are just lucky to have each other!

Our Mom's love each other too:)

Everyone needs a friend who knows everything about them, and still loves them anyway.

July 12, 2011

Free Summer Lovin Papers from A-Manda Creation

Summer Lovin is a new kit by A-Manda Creation. I love these bright & vibrant colors. It is a perfect kit to document any summer activity!

Check out Amanda's Store here.

Grab these fun Summer Lovin Papers on our Blog
Jump on over to Amanda's Blog for some Summer Lovin Elements HERE

Thanks Amanda!

July 6, 2011

Win a seat to a Tiffany Tillman Digital Class

WHERE WILL YOU BE JULY 25th? Hopefully with me, and the other hundreds of people who are registered for Tiffany Tillman's Scraphic Design Core Class!

{There is no class meeting time, so you're free to view the videos at your own pace. Class discussion takes place via a private forum with a gallery for sharing your work with the instructor and other students. The class forum is moderated by the instructor. Support is provided via weekly live Q&A video chats, email and the forum.}


  • 22 in-depth video lessons in the areas of color theory, pattern mixing, element clustering according to style type, text works, and realistic depth + more.
  • Class workbook with video lesson steps outs + additional challenges and case studies not featured in the video lessons
  • TIffany's secrets for building wow pages!
  • This exclusive digital kit by One Little Bird
  • Free 12×12 page prints of your projects courtesy of yours truly- Persnickety Prints!
  • and a final, personalized PDF critique of your completed projects with suggestions for strengths, areas of improvement and goal sheet by Tiffany.

(this kit is only available as part of this class)

{What happens when you marry graphic design principles with scrapbooking? You create the Scraphic Design process, a set of steps beginning with blank canvas and finishing with a kick-butt, completed page using your polished design sense. Once you know the why’s and how’s of this process, you can readapt it to fit your crafting style.

Join Tiffany Tillman for the second part of the series, Scraphic Design: Core. For an additional four weeks, add the complexities of layering, color usage, pattern alchemy, element addition, text work and realistic shadowing to the journey. Class concludes with a final critique on your finished class assignments. As promised, you will end at the destination of kick-butt pages and have developed a new, polished design sense.}  Learn more about Tiffany

July 25 thru August 21
(3 weeks + bonus critique week)

$50.00 early registration EXTENDED 'til July 7th! 

Photoshop Elements REGISTRATION

To enter: Leave a comment here by Wednesday, July 13th at 11:59 PM Mountain Standard time. (Don’t worry, you’ll receive a full refund if you take advantage of the early bird price, purchase the class, and win). 
Increase your chances of winning by posting about this giveaway on twitter/facebook/or your blog. Be sure to come back and post a link as a new comment entry. Post a new comment for each. Good luck!
The winner will be announced here on Friday, July 15th. 

Kelly from Simply Kelly Designs 

July 1, 2011

Capture the Bang

In the U.S. this weekend is full of picnics, parades, and fireworks.
Don't be afraid to capture the Fireworks!
Here are a few tips-

  1. Use a tripod. Bring a flashlight. Because it’s dark, you’ll need longer exposures, using a tripod will avoid blurry photos. The flashlight will help you adjust your camera settings in the dark.
  2. Set your camera on either Fireworks mode or Manual mode. In Fireworks mode, the camera will take care of the settings. In Manual mode, set your camera to ISO 200, aperture f/8, and shutter speed between 5 and 15 seconds. Take a look at the first few shots to see how they are turning out and adjust accordingly.
  3. Include a landmark in the photo. As the fireworks explode, they will light up a statue, stadium, park, lake, or whatever the surrounding area includes.
We can't wait to see them!

For more SLR Tips, visit our friend Kayla @ DigiScrap 101

Shutter Speed: 2.0 seconds
Aperture: F/6.3
ISO 400
Zoom: 24mm
Mode: Shutter Priority