July 30, 2011

Everyone Needs a Friend

Everyone needs a friend.
I am so lucky to have mine.

My Best Friend Hollie and I met in the 9th grade.
(we are going on 22 years- you can do the math!)

We have 7 children between the 2 of us.
 It isn't an "accident" that they are all the same age. 
Motherhood is more enjoyable when you are pregnant with someone, changing diapers with someone, and up for 2 am feedings with someone.
We both work- it is a bonus to "swap" a kid here and there to get the job done! Hollie and I also only live 2 blocks from each other.... i know, this is getting a little creepy huh?
Let's just leave it at that for now.

You can't pick your child.
 Boy or Girl.
 Loud, quiet, hyper or calm, they come as they are.
I have Noah, Hollie had Libby-  but it works, and they have a blast together. 

 Ethan & Chase (now 10)

Noah & Liberty (now 9) 
Not as loud

Ryder & Indie (now 5)

Hollie went on to have a fourth child, Capri Claire. Mine didn't make it- and that's that.  Capri looks sweet and innocent in this picture. 
She is louder than all of the other 6 kids put together.

*** *** *** ***
We have traveled the world.

 We lived together in college and did stupid things...

...like wear all denim and take pictures...

...and denim overalls too.

We went to Vegas 16 years ago...

... and went again last month.

Maybe we are afraid to grow up?

We are just lucky to have each other!

Our Mom's love each other too:)

Everyone needs a friend who knows everything about them, and still loves them anyway.


  1. awe! tears are flowing!! love you my forever bestie!!! xoxo

  2. So Sweet! I LOVE this!

  3. congratulations on your friendship, that's beautiful, God bless both families always