June 29, 2012

How to Photograph Fireworks

Fireworks are bright. Regardless of your camera, you should be able to shoot a decent photo.. so get out there this week and give it a try!
There are so many ways to take a great photo. Here are a few tips on shooting fireworks.

  1. Use a tripod if you can!
  2. You'll need a Slow shutter speed.
  3. Keep the flash OFF whenever possible. If this is not an option, cover it.

Fireworks Mode: The easiest way to shoot fireworks is by simply setting your camera to fireworks mode. It is also highly recommended that you use a timer when shooting at a slow shutter speed, if you have one available. Even when the camera is tripod mounted, the act of pushing the button down to take the picture can cause a small amount of camera shake. If timer is not an option, taking several pictures is best since you're likely to have some with a small amount of camera shake.

Camera Phones:  Hold Steady. Sensors on camera phones aren't as large as on the average DSLR camera, motion blur can be an issue. Try using a phone app with adjustable settings.

Sparklers:  My kids love creating with their "flames of light".
Here are some family shots from last year's sparkler circus at our house...  be safe!
(Nikon D90)

Snap Away! Don't be afraid of manual mode. We can't wait to see what you send us!

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June 28, 2012

Project Life

Project, huh? If you are reading this post and haven't ever heard of Project Life (aka PL)... you are missing out!
Since February, PL, has become a new photo obsession here at Persnickety.
Read earlier posts here and here.

We continue to create & print 12x12 digital layouts, but have been mixing it up a bit! Project Life is simple and easy for anyone to use, and a great way to document life.
(get our 6x6 templates here, 6x12 coming soon!)

3x4 cards can be used for oh so many things - but Project Life is the focus today.
 (the kids love it too!)

At Persnickety, we print. We are "Persnickety Prints" because we are fussy about every little detail. We are committed to our customers. Memories are priceless, so are your prints. (our process)

What is the point of this blog post? Well, for one-- did you notice Gary Louris, lead singer of the Jayhawks up above? Yep, met him. Great musician.
Not only do I want to show off my Project Life pages to anyone who will pay attention... I wanted to give you these 3x4 cards too!

  Download them here 
      print them your own way, but the quality is in your hands....
---->  upload now

June 11, 2012

Let FREEdom Ring

Who doesn't love Red, White & Blue, the Fourth of July and Free Stuff!?

After major negotiations from our design team, we are giving this 
8x10 FREEdom Wall Art 
as a free download to our Facebook fans!

Come into the Shop and grab one printed on PP Fine Paper for only $10. 

June 3, 2012

The 6x6 Print

I am only a year behind on our family album, not too bad right? Of course there are countless other projects that I would like to conquer (darn you Pinterest!). For now, I am trying to stay focused before these memories are forgotten!

Journaling is my greatest challenge. If I don't get my words down fast, I have a hard time remembering the details behind the story. Thanks to Project Life, journaling and story telling are becoming a little easier.

I have been having fun with the Project Life Design E page protectors. This is a 12x12 sheet (created by Becky Higgins) separated into 4 6x6 pockets. Perfect for those photos that you don't want to leave out, yet there aren't enough to fill an entire page.
In the example above, I used iPhone & Instagram highlights from bike rides in 2011. It's fun to go back and see the trails we conquered, and thanks to a little app called Strava, I could start getting really crazy and include our biking stats!
After creating these templates for myself, I figured that I should share.
Hope you can use them!
Of course being the "Persnickety" person that I am, I would hope that you are not printing at home! (unless you are using the most archival ink; which also requires the same branded archival paper)
At Persnickety Prints, we don't use ink. 
Our print process is unique. 
Using chemicals, light, and software that reads your color profile, your image is embedded into the paper. This is the most archival and vibrant form of printing. You don't believe me? Check out our waterproof test


>>> Download these 6 (6x6) Templates Here