June 11, 2012

Let FREEdom Ring

Who doesn't love Red, White & Blue, the Fourth of July and Free Stuff!?

After major negotiations from our design team, we are giving this 
8x10 FREEdom Wall Art 
as a free download to our Facebook fans!

Come into the Shop and grab one printed on PP Fine Paper for only $10. 


  1. Wow! Perfect for our July BBQ Centerpiece! Thanks AGAIN PP! muahhhh!

  2. I tried to download this awesome print, but it won't allow me unless I install an app on Facebook????

    1. Oooh.. Melanie, that's not good! We don't like installs... can you try it again for me? I think we stripped that prompt successfully.

    2. It worked this time! (no install needed) Thank you!

  3. I loved this freebie! I framed it and used it as a door decoration.
    Can you tell me the name of the font used for FOURTH? I'm a font junkie and love that font!