September 17, 2010

House of 3

The House of 3 {dot} com is a website from the creative minds of
... all 3 of these amazing women in ONE spot. Perfect.
They have just launched the first of their new Halloween line. Whether you are throwing a party, helping out in the classroom, or decorating your home, you can find all of your needs at the House of 3!


You see this ready made "printable canvas" art above? 
Rhonna has designed this as a large 16x20 downloadable product. Genius. 
This means that you can print it 16x20, 8x10, 4x5.. all from the same file at a great resolution! We printed these on our metallic photo paper, and mounted them on 3/8" foam core. With the protective laminate coating, it can be framed without glass... spit on, used as a placemat, bib, etc. no problem.
Rhonna took it from us and did just that, then she cut it and stuck it in this oval frame, just perfect for Halloween!

You must watch the House of 3 live web shows. It beats NBC. Especially when they show off their "persnickety prints".
For example, this live show here is full of Halloween craft ideas using all of their digital products. 
Of course around the 42 minute mark, it gets really good... the climax... drum roll...
the Persnickety Metallic Prints. 
We hate to toot our own horn, but... just watch it.

These are typically on Wednesday nights.
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When you lack that creative mojo, the House of 3 is the place to turn. Not only do they thrill us with their web shows, they have a shop full of digital "goodness". 
 Wall art, hybrid everything, printable everything... 
you know... just check it out.. HERE.

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