September 11, 2010


Whew! Where do we start? The Decor? The Ambiance? The really cool Persnickety Prints hanging all over the place? There is just so much goodness at Spark... the list is endless.

What is Spark?
This is a local event that will get people excited about their hobbies of the arts. Whether it’s photography, jewelry making, scrap booking, wool felting; whatever it may be, SPARK will spark their creative outlets.
The founders of SPARK, Elizabeth Kartchner, Margie Romney-Aslett and Rhonna Farrer, are three self-taught arts and crafts loving women from Utah, that have traveled the world and inspired artistic minds throughout the country and worldwide. Last year was SPARK’s first go-around and the success was larger than they expected. Farrer states, “This year, we have capped the event at 200 people and there are very few spots left.” This event provides the resources to spark the creativity of artistic wannabes and event gallery aficionados locally and beyond.

-There were definitely more than 200 people there today.

These women are amazing. So much work and detail went into this event. 
I was even in love with the table centerpieces. All Vintage. So Unique.
When Spark Guests arrived, they were directed to registration where they had their picture taken for the dinner event (see below post as to why we missed it). Then they received a Swag Bag filled with all kinds of crafting goodies. Guests could choose one of four colors from the cutest handmade name tags I have ever seen! Of course tagged with a "HELLO my Name is" print designed by the talented Rhonna ... yes, photo paper is sooo versatile!

Persnickety Mounted Prints Galore! 

Rhonna created this class list, we printed a 30x40, mounted it, and 
then she dolled it up with some doilies and ribbon. Genius.
The classes are coded by color. The name tag color that you chose, 
is how your schedule went for the event. Genius.

Lizzy, Chari, Rhonna... look at us *spark*le!

Ok, in my next life, I want to be Jeremy Miller. Coolest job ever. 
He is a Cinematographer. 
I want to film Giraffe's in Africa while flying above in a helicopter.
I want to film Shaun White skateboarding. Dang.
You can check out his latest demo Here. It's pretty cool.

Jeremy filmed the entire Spark Event. Can't wait for my copy!

Women traveled from all over the world to attend Spark.
It was so much fun to meet such crazy talented people today! Can't wait until next year!

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