September 9, 2011

Scrapbook USA- Fall Show

Here I am at the Sandy Expo Center in where else?... Sandy, Utah. It is the Scrapbook USA Expo, and the only way I can hang with my girls from ScrapOrchard!

We have from left to right ---> Chelle, who lives in Logan Utah,  ScrapOrchard Owner Kami is from California,  Jenny from West Jordan,  Jen came all the way from Seattle,  Suzy from Southern Utah. Meredith is on the end.

 Meredith and I are posers. We came to help because we were promised a free t-shirt.

Kami made this marketing display all via her own creative mind. She took a bolt of of burlap. Cut it up, and painted away. Who comes up with this stuff? Kami does. The scrapbook paper vendors don't like us very much.

I love this layout Kami made of her daughter, we printed a 20x20, mounted, sprayed + textured. You just want to reach out and touch it!
Another brilliant idea that these guys came up with-- a bubble gum machine filled with chances to win stuff!

Jenny sure likes Meredith's chocolate cake!

... until tomorrow!


  1. I loved meeting you today Meredith. Thanks for all your help and great deals. Kimberly

  2. This is so cool! Hope you guys are having a blast!

  3. Chari, it was so great meeting you this weekend! Can't wait to introduce you to my business partner!