September 25, 2011

Getting that "Sketch" Look in Photoshop

I have been seeing this new "sketch" technique around digi-land and tried to accomplish it myself.
No luck with my current Photoshop filters.

Then, I saw Kami's layout that we printed for her on our metallic photographic paper at the Scrapbook USA Expo:

Kami's layouts just amaze me!

This Sketch Technique is awesome, and there are so many ways to use it!
Here Kami takes a photo of a brick wall, creates a sketch, and extracts it onto her background paper:

Kami is the genius behind the store, ScrapOrchard, and is well known as designer Ziggle Scraps.

She assured me that she would be working up a tutorial on how she acheived this layout.
And that she did: Click here for Kami's Tutorial using the Plugin Akvis.

I just got around to playing with this plugin myself:


Super Easy-
Thanks Kami!

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  1. thank you for the post, and also for introducing me to Kami's store! can't wait to shop