January 14, 2012

if i die - facebook app

Why didn't I think of this first?

Wish you had one last thing to say?
Now is your chance!
 if i die is the first and only facebook application that enables you to create a video or a text message that will only be published after you die. 
It could be your life story, a secret you haven't shared before or even a will. 
It's easy... 
1. Install the app on Facebook
2. Record your message (text or video)
3. Choose your trustees

 After installing the app, the user is asked to choose trustees from his Facebook friends list, those trustees will receive a message about their important task - confirm your death. Only when all 3 trustees confirm the passing, the pre-recorded or written message will be published on the deceased Facebook profile (wall posting).

Install the app HERE, because you never know.... today could be your last day!

The only advice I would give this company... change your name to "when i die", because unfortunately, this is the inevitable. 



  1. >>The only advice I would give this company... change your name to "when i die", because unfortunately, this is the inevitable.


  2. just installed! FUNNY Video!

  3. Disturbing is having a deceased fb friend appear on those random lists fb loves to create.
    Disturbing is realizing nobody has a deceased fb friend's password.
    Disturbing is realizing the only way to stop the random appearances is to delete the fb friend.

    When that deceased fb friend is your father......
    I would have loved one last message that could be saved.

    1. Gypsy Chaos- LOVE YOU! I knew this might be a touchy post. I have too had close loved ones that have passed away (luckliy they didn't have a fb page). This idea might be *weird*, but for me, I have never sat down to create any sort of "last words", and even with the lightheartedness that this company portrays-- it is real. I am so sorry about your father. Hang in there little friend!
      (p.s. I already have mine set up:)