October 24, 2011

Spark No.3

I am surrounded by so many inspiring, creative women. This is the 2nd year Persnickety Prints has had the honor of sponsoring SPARK here in Utah. People travel from all over the world to get to this annual event. It is 2 miles from my home! How lucky is that?
What is Spark? an all inclusive 2 day Creative event and artisan market filled with 4 major classes, 4 mini classes and mini mini classes!A unique, one of a kind Artisan Market.  We are gathering the coolest artisans around to participate in the the market this year.
 I cannot sew a button, but Spark is one of my favorite events.

The Decor. 
Margie always goes above and beyond decorating Noah's in Lindon- it literally comes alive.

The Camaraderie.
When you attend this event, you become part of the "spark sisters".
All 300 of us have different talents, are *sparked* differently, and are here inspiring each other.
Everyone is on the same level, nobody is better than another, we are all one.
Nothing is worse than being in a large group of women and having it feel like high school all over again. You won't get that from a "spark sister".

I just like to see what Rhonna comes up with next.

Margie amazes me. I don't think she has ever NOT had a smile on her face.

Of course the decor wouldn't be the same without the many, many beautiful pieces of art designed by the Spark Girls and printed from Persnickety Prints.

We printed these beauties with our large format photographic equipment (yep, it's still photographic paper!).
Mounted them with our heat press.
Added our protective spray and texture- and sparked the place up!

Thanks Margie for another amazing year!


  1. I had such a fabulous time at Spark this year! Thanks for doing the signs...they are amazing quality!


  2. Oh wow, looks like an amazing event!