November 12, 2011

Inspiring Photographers, Amanda Peterson

One of the many perks of working at Persnickety Prints is being inspired by our over the top creative friends! (that's you)
When local photographer, Amanda Peterson, came in to pick up this mounted 8x20 "Shoe Collage" she created for a bride, I just had to share.
What a G R E A T  I D E A!
There are more weddings in Utah than there are aspen trees. 
How does a wedding photographer stand out from the rest? By "personalizing" the wedding of course!
I mean, these things only happen once, right? (or two, or three times, but still...) 
Amanda takes the time to know her clients, their style, their personality, and makes them shine with her lens.

Amanda's Blog is filled with inspiration. 

Her focus is the story behind each photo.

Thank You Amanda, for inspiring me.

 Amanda Peterson Photography, Utah

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  1. Great Shots! Wish she lived on the EAST coast!