December 23, 2011



When you lose that mojo, what do you do?
How do you find it?
Where do you look?

We want to know....

What Inspires You?

Last year, I wrote about my little sister, Kelene. She works/dances for Donny & Marie at their ongoing show in Las Vegas.
Kelene is going on her 4th year with this show, and to be honest, we would like her to be done now!
Last Christmas D&M held her in New York, this Christmas, it is Chicago.
My little boys need their favorite Aunt! Each year I tell Donny this, and he just laughs...  the show must go on!

A few weeks ago, my husband and I flew to Chicago. 
We did see the show, but more importantly....

I couldn't leave the Downtown Chicago Anthropology Store!
You would think the extra 30% off Sale items was the catch, but it wasn't--- this was the greatest Anthropology I have been in ... ever! The mojo was kicking in.
There was inspiration at every turn, and I couldn't get enough!

I want these chairs!

Old Newspaper stacked on paper towel sized holders to form a Christmas Tree

Vintage Stamps + Vintage Wooden Camera Tape Dispenser--- are you kidding me? 

The colors, the concepts, the creativity... LOVE this place!

In fact, I was so deeply enthralled with Anthropology, that the husband left me there.

... and I took a cab back to the hotel.
Thank You Anthropology for the magic!

* * *
Chicago is a very unique, fun city. If it's not on the bucket list already, you may want to reconsider.
At least for the Pizza....

What is it that INSPIRES YOU? 
Where do you go for the creative juice?

Do Tell.
I can't go to Chicago every weekend.



  1. great post! love Chicago.
    Lately, my go to for Mojo has been music-- and magazines.

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