December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

The anticipation, planning, preparing... it all can be so overwhelming, then it comes, and it goes.
One Day.
Once a year.
December 25th.
We hope you had a good one.

For me, the Holidays are all about traditions. 

Christmas Eve entails a Honey Baked Ham, Eggnog, Singing + the Nativity Story, and more food.
The kids put out the cookies & milk for Santa (Rudolph gets carrots).

Christmas morning always comes before the 6am hour.

Little Ryder has adopted his Aunt's new Chocolate Lab named Mogley. 

Noah loves all things Lego. Grandma scored a big hug.

The best gifts? 

The Memories

 Grandma also scored a sweet photo book!

Mounted enlargements were fun for all!

... and I am now taking my "long winters nap".

{ Brush Overlays from Rhonna Farrer and Anna Aspnes }


  1. Ha! LOVE this! The picture with your Noah running for the hug is priceless! Thanks for sharing-

  2. Love your pictures. Can you share where I can purchase the overlays? Love the extra the add!

  3. Ikaye- just posted them for you- should have already, was being lazy + as you can see--- I am wiped out! :)
    The framed overlays are from Rhonnas collection with House of 3, who is now closed, but she may have something similar.

  4. Thanks! I love Rhonnas things. I'll have to see what I can find.