October 10, 2012

Photographic Enlargements

Photographic Enlargements are not the same as a "poster print".
A Poster is printed with ink or toner and typically has a white border.

Our enlargements are still processed the same way as our smaller photographic prints .... just BIGGER!

Like our smaller prints, processing takes place in a dark room. We use the highest quality Fuji professional silver halide photographic papers. Our software reads your sRGB color profile and embeds the image into the paper. This color gamut is larger than the human eye. 

Recently, we had family pictures taken from the amazing TreasureLayne Photography.
The photos on our walls were over 3 years outdated...gasp! 
It was time to update.
I took my favorite headshot of each of my boys and enlarged it to fill these frames.

 My 3 boys showing off their 20x20 photographic prints. Notice my son Noah on the right, who is just happy to be alive; but can't ever remember to tie his shoes!
Ryder thinks it's funny to put on the same shirt, hold up his enlargement, and snap a photo of his "bobble head".

Mounting is an affordable solution when you don't have the funds to buy a big fancy frame. I purchased these metal square frames at Ikea. We removed the matte and glass and inserted our Persnickety mounted print. 
At Persnickety, we use a heat press mounting system
We take your silver halide print, press & mount it in over 450 degrees, sealing the photo to the foam board permanently.
We also add a free textured protective coating to give your images a unique look. Mounted prints look great in a frame, without glass, hanging by a ribbon, showcased on an easel, or stuck to the wall with velcro. 
 ** please allow an extra 48 hours for enlargements and mount pressed orders **

 Recently, our friends at LeeLou Designs created this 40x15 masterpiece showcasing 65 instagram photos of her summer story.
 A close up of a heat press mounted photographic print.
 These aren't our photos, but Ryder is enthralled.
When this was ordered, we immediately contacted LeeLou herself and asked if she had saved a layered version -- because we want one too!
Creating these perfectly even squares is not easy... but thanks to LeeLou ... she's done all the work for us!
Our 15x40 Photographic Prints $29.99
Mount and Texture $25

Grab this 65 Instagram (or square) 2x2 photo template at LeeLou Blogs for free, and be sure to thank her for her generosity! She is a busy woman:)
(If a 40x15 is too large of a print, you can always cut the templates in half, use one strip or two.)

Happy Day!


  1. what a great idea! thank you LeeLou!

  2. I'm not an "instagram cell phone person", but I love the concept and the idea! Lee Lou's layered template can still be used for a fabulous poster! Thanks for inspiring creative juices!!!!

  3. thank you for your generosity LeeLou

  4. If one is using Paintshop Pro, there is a script available that will take all the photos in a folder and create a mosaic like that one with very little work. You can check it out here: http://creationcassel.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=7_10&products_id=190
    There is also a little video illustrating how it works. Right now, the script works for up to 7200 pixels wide, but can be edited by the scripter to suit your need.