March 28, 2012

Top 5 Photo Displays

Springtime is near.

Time to brighten things up a bit, put away the quilts, and pull out the Gerber Daisy's!

Some call it "spring cleaning". Whatever is in the air, I like it.

An easy and affordable way to freshen up your environment is with a photo wall or display.

In a creative funk? We have compiled our top 5 Photo displays to help inspire.

1. Instagram Wall
    ...or a collection of symmetrical squares that tell a story. Highlights of the previous year?

2.  Tell your Story in a BIG way
      20x20 Mounted Photographic Prints  
          (..pssst.. our 20x20 photographic prints are only $26.99 + $20 mounted)

3. Composition
  Rule of Thirds isn't just for the lens.  Accent your photo wall with an offset piece of furniture.

photo wallphoto wall

4. It doesn't always have to be a Portrait. 
 Brighten things up with color. Take landscape or macro photos of objects. Decorate your space with graphics, or wall art.
Kara Roberts Photography via ClickinMoms

5. Who says you have to use Frames? 
    Clip Boards are affordable and work great too!

via: HGTV

It is my personal goal to get out, take some photos, and "renew" my environment.
We would love to see your ideas! 

Want to add to our list?  Leave a link in the comments.

For more ideas, see our Pinboard.
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  1. Really loving this post, PP! Great & easy to follow and your samples look magnificent! How do you get your Instagrams so clear though? Mine are okay but don't think they'd look that great blown up much bigger than a 5x7!

    1. Landi- you are exactly right, Instagrams are small files (612x612 pixels), and the Instagram team won't be changing that anytime soon.
      The Instagram wall in #1 is filled with 8x8 frames, a 2" thick matte, and 4x4 Instagram Photos.
      We wouldn't recommend printing Instagrams any larger than 4x4.

  2. Love the Instagram idea! In #4, are those canvas? Do you guys mount canvas?

  3. Wonderful and timely post. I'm trying to finish up a wall with photos and fine art prints - thanks for the inspiration and ideas!

  4. I want to do something like #4 but more symmetrical with photos like this... Are there any good rules of thumb for ratio of extreme closeups (feather shafts) vs other shots (groups of feathers).

    1. Tanya- great idea! This takes some planning. Make sure the feathers face different directions, but still flow. I would definitely zoom in on some, and out on others. The feathers you pinned all have a great color scheme/flow. You could easily change hues in photoshop. We'd love to see the finished project!

    2. You'll probably be printing them. ;) Now just have to wait for my daughter to get a pheasant so I can take my own shots and play with the colors! Thanks.