October 7, 2010

SMJ Calendars!

Not only are 2011 Calendar designs already hitting web shelves, people are PRINTING their 2011 Calendar gifts as I type this! I am lucky if I have mine finished by December 31st. Feeling the pressure here!

Back when I started digital scrapbooking in 2007, Shabby Miss Jenn Designs was one of the first Digital Shops I found, and was in awe! I still wonder where she can come up with all of this great stuff.

My very first custom calendar purchase... the SMJ Wall Calendar Volume 1

Shabby Miss Jenn Designs is now onto Volume 4

There are lots of cool things about the SMJ Calendar
1. They are .png files, so it's really, really easy to put these together. You just layer a photo underneath. Done.
2. They are reusable. Yep, you can use the SAME Calendar every year if you want. 
How you ask?
Well, when you purchase an Entire Calendar "Volume", it comes blank with separate Monthly Word Art files, and the Yearly Overlays. (currently 2011)

Sometimes I like to even use the separate word art on my digi layout pages, and Greeting Cards!

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 Persnickety Printing Options and Sizes



  1. I have a question about printing the wall calendar. Where exactly do I upload the pages, and will it come already bound? (I mean the 8.5x11 wall calendar, not the 2-page type calendar). Also, what is the price? thanks!

  2. Sure! The single sided wall calendars are ordered as single page prints (since you aren't having to use our software to "create")
    Pricing is here: http://persnicketyprints.lifepics.com/net/Pricing
    Upload as regular page prints, choose the 8.5x11 Calendar. We will know to bind it up!
    8.5x11 is $19.89
    More info is here: http://www.persnicketyprints.com/holiday-2011/calendars

  3. I'm confused. I asked about printing these and was told I couldn't do the bottom half to match my top. That I had to use your software and the price was $24.99. I'm really confused now after reading this.

  4. Ramona,
    The whole printing, and formatting digital prints has confused me for years, kind of like shooting manual mode on an SLR Camera, and then one day it just clicks. I am sorry this is confusing, and every Designer names their Calendars something a little different too. As far as this "Wall Calendar" from Shabby Miss Jenn, it is a single sided 8.5x11, bound at the top. The topper AND bottom dates are not separate. We can do this on photo paper and they look awesome! If you just have a "topper" and need dates, that needs to be ordered through the software.
    Email or call us anytime if we are confusing you!

  5. Okay, that makes sense now. so, it's not very big, just 8.5x11 total for top and bottom?

  6. Exactly. You can see some images on SMJs website: