October 15, 2010

Mod Podge Board Book

I wanted to make a different and unique gift using an ABC Quick Album:
a collaboration from Cinzia Loosemore + Biograffiti
The 26 quick and easy layouts was the easy part, it was how to put it together that was tough!
I don't like photo books. This is how my photo books look after time.

With Persnickety Prints photo paper, images always look their best, they are archival, waterproof, scratch & fade resistant, etc, etc.
Plus, if I need to change or replace a page, it's easy, I just print one page!
 Since the photo paper is liquid proof, I turned to my Mod Podge.
So, here it is..

The Mod Podge Photo Book...
I went to our local craft store, bought a 2-Ring Board Book. 
($6.99 + 40% off= $4.20 includes 6 pages. Purchased 6 extra pages $1.99 )
 26 6x6 prints at Persnickety: .79¢ ea. = $20.54
Mod Podge (gloss. water based) & Brush: had on hand
ABC Album (optional): $15.99 (26 12x12 .png files) 
**Tip** you can print any size smaller, keeping the same aspect ratio (ie, square) 
without having to re-format! 
 TOTAL SPENT: $26.73
 26 6x6 Prints

I measured & punched 2 holes in each print

Let the "Podging" Begin! 

The Finished Project: After the glue dries, the pages seem to blend into the book. I wonder how the Sparkle, Glimmer or Shimmer Mod Podge would look? We may need to try one next time. There is even a glow in the dark Mod Podge!

The Perfect Little ABC Gift. This one is for Grandma!


  1. This turned out so great!!! LOVE IT!

  2. Where can I buy mod podge if I don't live close to a craft store?

  3. Joanna you can purchase it at walmart in the craft department with the glues!!!

    Happy Scrappin!!!

  4. This happens to my photo books too!