October 2, 2010

Scrappers' Workshop

New item on Bucket List: I hope to meet Stan and Jenn someday.

We are in Utah, they are in Tennessee.

The most difficult part of my job is explaining to people in a nice, calm, and unbiased way WHY they should be printing their cherished memories on professional PHOTO PAPER. Not the photo paper that you buy at Target or Walmart and insert into your inkjet printer. Real, true photographic, silver halide photo paper...

Stan did just that. Stan is my new hero.

Without our knowledge, Stan writes this beautiful blog post about this very thing, why it is so important to be educated about your prints. It's an exquisite piece.

Do you know what an electrostatic print is? Find out here... in all of its beauty.

P.S. Stan and Jenn have been in this business for longer than some of you have been alive (sorry guys). Not only do they know their stuff... they teach it too! Try one of their interactive classes at Scrappers' Workshop! You will love it.


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  1. I've never printed my digital pages until this weekend (couldn't resist the semi-annual sale) and I read Stan's post after I'd placed my order. His post was incredibly informative and made me feel even better about my order, which I was already excited to receive. Well, today Christmas came early! I received my pages in the mail and OH. MY. They are gorgeous! Okay, I love my layouts but honestly, the colors, clarity and paper are FABULOUS. I'm so impressed that I can't wait to print more pages - I'll work it into the family monthly budget somehow. :-)