November 22, 2010

Behind the Scenes- volume 1

It is difficult to show the "Persnickety difference" via the web. Print quality is such that you need to hold it- touch it-- you know what we mean.  
When you hear Photo Paper- what do you think? The 100 pack of 8.5x11 you can buy at the store? True silver halide photo paper does not use ink.
"These prints are processed through the same chemicals as your good old film pictures, and are the most archival.
This is completely a chemical process, there's no ink to run or bleed. These prints will last hundreds of years if stored properly in acid free photo albums and in photo frames away from direct sunlight. Since the printing of this type of photo is controlled by the lab staff, color corrections can be made to the prints. The lab is able to make your pictures lighter, darker and improve the color saturation."
-Persnickety Prints

Here is our attempt at showing you the Persnickety difference!

Volume 2: Optimizing your Prints

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