January 19, 2011

Persnickety Perfection

We have been a pro lab printing on chemical based photo paper for over 20 years.
Our prints are processed through the same chemicals as your good old film pictures (yes, we still use a dark room) and are the most archival. 

Kenny is the print Master =adjective; having or showing very great skill or proficiency : a master painter.
He prejudges every one of your images and is able to make your pictures lighter, darker and improve color saturation. He can also add a bit of contrast or density to make your page elements nearly 3 dimensional.
Most corrections are for contrast, density and bleed. 
If you compare your Persnickety Prints to others, you will notice a difference in sharpness, clarity and color tones that you didn't know could be any better!
Kenny also spends many hours adjusting, tuning & setting our machines just right to avoid "overlaying" bleed problems. 

We also inspect every page before it is shipped, to make sure it is perfect!
Thank You Kenny & Devin!


  1. That's my page on the computer! :)

  2. I can seriously tell your prints are a cut above the rest! You guys rock! ~Laura

  3. Your pages are AWESOME!!!! Thanks!!