February 11, 2011

Weekend Biking

Weekend Bike Bender- (January)

  The snow here in Utah has been unusually abundant and we’ve had a little more than a cold spell.  For two years straight, I’ve been able to avoid putting miles on my indoor trainer. This year, I’ve not been so lucky. There are only a few things worse than riding your bike indoors and going nowhere, and I wouldn’t wish those things on my worst enemy.  Luckily, we live only 3½ hours from St. George.
  St George is located on the very north east corner of the Mojave Desert. This small community is surrounded by beautiful mountains and red sand stone buttes. Basically it’s a mountain biker’s paradise.

 Every January, my friend and professional mountain biker Lynda Wallenfels puts on a free mountain bike camp. 

 It’s a great time to catch up with old friends and spend the weekend in warm weather on pristine desert single track. It was just what I needed to get out of my winter funk.
Also, I was excited to start training for my next 24 hour race coming up in three weeks.  Lynda gives everyone a GPS track of the day’s course and everyone rides at their own pace.  The problem is that half the riders that show up are professional or semi professional racers, which means the pace is hard and fast.  It’s a good thing that I’m not competitive or anything.  Needless to say, after 3 days and 17 hours on the bike, I’m totally cooked.  It will take at least a day or two before I need another biking fix.

Do stuff…. And take pictures while you do it.



  1. Beautiful photos! Looks like a nice respite from the snow :)

  2. Photos are AWESOME. Love the advice at the end. :) Of course now I wonder who is printing our prints if you are out on your bike? ;)

  3. Great pics! Can't wait to show my hubby tonight...he is an avid mtn biker!