March 25, 2011

Mark Zuckerberg and Orrin Hatch

Mark Zuckerberg doesn't speak in public very often, in fact this is his first time on a college campus speaking to a group this large.
I am a Mark Zuckerberg fan. He is a genius.
I had to be there.


 The Media Frenzy

Mark joined U.S. Senator Orrin Hatch on Friday March 25th at the BYU Marriott Center to speak about Technology. Naturally, this was posted as an "event" on facebook. Guests had until Thursday to ask Mark questions on the "event wall". Over 450 questions were posted, however only a handful were answered, and brilliantly of course!


Some key items that stood out to me: 
- Facebook is diligent in keeping a safe environment
- "We are one of the first platforms that offers people the ability to have their facebook sessions encrypted"- which means that if you are in a public place, you can make it very difficult for people to see any of your information on facebook.
- Extra security with your information. They have invented new security measures. If you login from a different computer, you may be asked specific questions that only YOU would know. No other platform can do this.
- Mark Zuckerberg's dinner conversations with his medical student girlfriend are
1. Facebook 
2. Children and Education

Mark: "Most people have something that they're super passionate about, and I would encourage you all to just go find that thing." 
"People don't get put into roles, they create them for themselves."
Want a job at facebook? You will need passion to get in.

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*** VIDEOS ***

Video 1:
Microsoft and AOL wanted to hire Mark in High School. He declined and went to Harvard and built the first version of facebook when he was a sophomore.
Facebook is working toward a billion users. There are only about 2,000 employees who work at Facebook.
Senator Hatch: "Is management or marketing more important in predicting a successful business?"
Mark: Management

Video 2:
Mark: "If you don't completely love what you are doing, it actually ends up being the rational thing to stop doing it, or succumb to some of the challenges, because there will be huge challenges that you face. Any normal person would not want to go and build a company."

Video 3:
Extreme privacy controls & a safe environment
Mark: "We are really focused on children's safety at facebook and take extra precautions for them."
Facebook bought the
Encrypted Service

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  1. i love him! <3 so lucky to be there.

  2. This man is incredible! Thank you for the post- it's like I was there!