November 6, 2011

Keyline Bordered Prints

How much hard-drive space are your digital photos stealing?
Probably more than you think! There are many ways to take care of this dilemma .....  
How? Well, for one, you can print them with Persnickety Prints! 

Rest assured, with our photographic print process, your digital images will last. 

The Persnickety process is not only the most archival, but waterproof as well. No need to bog up your computer storage with photo's you don't know what to do with-- print em out! show em off! 
Even the basic 3.5x5 and 4x6 can be creative, artistic, and worth it's weight in silver (no pun intended, but yes, there is actual "silver" in our silver halide photo paper!).

> Bordered Prints are a favorite among our Photographers and Project Life Artists.  

Prints arrive looking sleek and ready to showcase with one of our simple borders. 
  • keyline
  • reverse keyline
  • white border
  • black border

Starting at just .29¢, bordered prints are available in 3.5x5 & 4x6 print sizes.

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  1. I always wondered what this meant!

  2. As a new user, it was frustrating that I could't find a sample of this border easily to see what it was. It would be great to get a preview of my photo with it too so I could determine if I like it before ordering it. But I do love this border!