April 6, 2012

Surviving the Family Vacation

It is "Spring Break" for us here in Utah.  Let me start by saying, why must it be called a spring "break" or summer "vacation"? 

Sure, it is both of those things for the kids, but what about us moms? 
My BFF, Hollie, is the type of woman who lays it all out there. 
No sugar coating. Life is as real as it gets with her. 
Hollie loves her 4 kids more than anything in the world, but she will also be the first to admit that it's not all butterflies and roses. 

Sometimes I will get the venting phone call. With the latest technology, we have moved up to live voice memos of the screaming toddler, or the snoring husband (can I put that in here?).
 I can hear Hollie giggling as she hits "send".

That's just it, when Hollie is at her breaking point, she finds some way to laugh it off and move on.
I admire her for that.
On Monday, Hollie will be taking the traditional "family vacation" to Las Vegas, Nevada. A 6 hour drive with four kids, and four days of tight living quarters.
I thought she might need some assistance.... so here it is.


1. Power Bar Energy Blasts (1x the caffeine per 6 pieces)
2. Bath & Body PocketBac (not only sanitizes, but smells like margaritas!)
3. Village Naturals Mineral Bath Soak  (relieves aches & pains)
4. Find a dark place & hide mini flashlight (also can be used for SOS or help signals!)
5. Shock Pen (you never know)
6. Advil 200mg Tablets for Pain Relief (10 may not be enough)
7. Trident Vitality Rejuve Gum (chew really hard)
8. 2XL headphones by Skullcandy (drown out the sound)
9. Nivea Vitamin Swirl Lip Moisture (all of the disciplining can cause chapping)


  1. just got my survival kit and can't wait to put it to use. especially the headphones and the shock pen:) char, ytb!!! hope your spring break really is a break!! i love you!!!!!!!!

  2. Awesome!!! Love that survival kit--I could have used it this past week! But it's all good... I know these days with the kids at home are fleeting and I will miss them someday. Happy Easter!

  3. I love the survival kit! You are such a good friend to do that. And Hollie is lucky to have you. I took a look at Hollie's blog. She is so cute and her family is adorable!