May 3, 2012

Instagram Hashtag Contest - Perspective

perspective |pərˈspektiv|
• a view or angle 

 Instagram Hashtag contest theme: PERSPECTIVE

1. This week (May 3-10)- take a smart phone photo of any subject using a different "perspective" or angle than you normally would. 
Step out of the box, or under it, to grab that unique shot!

2. Post it to Instagram with hashtags #persnicketyprints and #perspective
Check out other tagged Instagram Photos and where they originated!

PROJECT RULES: Please only submit photos you yourself have taken this week. One entry per day is eligible for winning. Top submissions will be highlighted and one winner will be chosen by our staff.  Winner will be posted here on our blog, Friday May 11. Sunday May 13. 
WINNER: Receives a $25 Persnickety Prints credit to their account to print Instagrams! (or whatever you may need)



  1. I do not have a smart phone right now any other way I can enter? Thanks!

  2. How fun! I have the perfect picture!!!

  3. Did the contest end on May 11 or will it end on May 13? Saw both dates, just curious. Thanks!

    1. Teri! Thanks for the heads up! This contest has been extended until Sunday May 13.
      Winner will tagged on IG and posted Monday

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