August 11, 2012

[Weekly Mojo Series] Take Twelve

There are lots of great photography challenges floating around the internet. Some ask you to take a photo a day, others give you a theme for the month. Still others have you focus on capturing one photo of your family each month. The one I'm playing along with is Take 12 (I'm particularly drawn to the idea of 12 photos in 12 months during the year 2012. Nice, huh?)

Here's how it works: You take 12 photos on the 12 day of each month. That's it. That's the only rule, and even that rule is flexible. (For example, one month I was sick on the 12th and never crawled out of bed that day, so my photos were actually taken on the 13th and 14th. But that's okay. They still worked out perfectly.)

I've got a great post on my blog that shares my Take 12 layouts, as well as links to a variety of products that can help you implement this easy photography project.

And for those of you doing Project Life, Take 12 can work wonderfully with that project too. Here are some great ideas for using 6x12 inserts to fit your Take 12 photos into your regular albums.

Allison chose clean black frames and black text to create a really modern streamlined addition to her album. Nichol opted for a paper-scrapped version, with strips of photos that alternate with border stamps, washi tape, and flair.

Katrina's insert is a simple insert that she pulls directly from her blog each month (and her blog posts are another great option -- this doesn't have to be a project that you stick in an album). Finally, Catherine at DesignEditor shares a great template with you on her blog.

So what are you waiting for? Tomorrow is the 12th, so get your camera ready. I'll be sharing my pics on Instagram using the hashtag #take12. I hope you'll join me.

Until then, keep the mojo flowin'!