September 19, 2012

[Weekly Mojo Series] Displaying Your Favorite Photos

Just a quick eye candy post today -- how about some fantastic ways to display your favorite photos in your home?

(a variety of options for displaying your favorite Instagram photos from Elsie Larson)

(I've always adored this large canvas, paired with an interesting crop.)

(Just one of many awesome ideas for displaying family photos in your home).

(a regular picture frame mounted on top of painted and distressed wood)

(use wooden clothes hangers instead of traditional frames)

(find ways to combine multiple photos into one frame)

(multiple frames, a square of wallpaper, and a larger frame to contain it all)

Check out the Persnickety Pinterest Board for more inspiration. 

Until next week, keep the mojo flowin'!


  1. Oh my! Now I want to try every single one of these! Thank you so much for inspiring us!

  2. I love all the different ideas! It's funny that you share this today as I was actually thinking of displaying photos (it has only taken me 2 years to do so) and these are great ideas. I think my favorite is using wooden hangers. How neat! I also love the last example.