December 26, 2010

a Christmas Miracle...

Yes, it is- I finally got a Christmas card out this year! Better late than never!
December is always a whirlwind. I am always so busy with everyone else's cards, that I can never seem to find time for my own families.

My dear Grandma died the beginning of the month- she was 91 and ready to go.

It is impossible to get my boys looking decent, Grandma made it possible this year. After the funeral, on our way home in the freezing Utah weather, we pulled off the side of the highway, stuck the boys in front of a bright blue shed near the Great Salt Lake- and snapped a picture.

I took pieces of this 4x8 Card, designed by Rhonna Farrer at House of 3.  Hand wrote the boys names on the bamboo - done. Bright bold colors pop on metallic silver halide photo paper-
they turned out pretty good for "last minute". Love you Grandma!

We had a great Christmas, and hope you did too. It really isn't about what you get- but what you give. Every year, we participate in some sort of service project with our boys, whether it be a canned food drive, sub for Santa, feeding the homeless, or just being kind- we try. Those are the Christmas' I remember most.

Traditions are important to me. We have many family traditions that I look forward to and try to maintain!
When I was little, my parents couldn't afford to take us skiing. So, when the good snow fell- we would ski behind the car. I wish I had a photo of us back then.

Keeping up with Tradition.
We try and visit as many holiday lights as we can!

Christmas Eve, we are together with family for a big dinner and gift exchange.

Sometimes it's just madness.

Christmas morning we have the kids line up on the top of the stairs in order of age (so the littlest doesn't get trampled) to go downstairs and see if Santa came. We take turns opening gifts - and try and make it last longer!

Happy Holidays from our family to yours!

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  1. thanks for the "peek" into your life Chari! Cute kids