May 25, 2012

The Sun and the Sea...

... are two of my favorite things.

Ready for Summer?
If you didn't have a chance to grab this entirely FREE Kit during our National Scrapbook Day celebration... here it is!

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May 20, 2012

Fathers Day Printable

When I was a little girl my Mom use to tell me that the best gifts were the ones that I made.
I didn't believe her, but have now found this to be true!
Some of the most rewarding times of Motherhood are the little coloring pages, love notes, and home made gifts that a child makes.

I have all boys. They aren't crafty, and they don't care about staying in the lines. So when I get a little love note, it's extra special!

Last Mothers Day, my son Ryder's pre-school teacher helped him fill out a Mothers Day questionare. It was the best gift of the day! I was 60 years old, my dress size was 60, and I also weighed 60 pounds.
Kids say the funniest things!

For Fathers Day, I have created a similar 8.5x11 printable for the Dads or Grandpas in our children's lives.
Have your son or daughter fill it out on their own, beware, it may suprise you! More importantly, it will make the day of their Dad or Grandpa.

May 16, 2012

Learn to Scrap on your Mobile Device!

Tablets are "in".

Over 60 million tablets were sold in 2011, 
and according to a recent Mashable study, this will double in 2012.

How awesome would it be to create on the go?
Learn how with Renee Pearsons new iScrapit class for mobile scrapbooking.

Scrapbooking anywhere and anytime with Apple Keynote for iOS.
In iScrapit, you’ll learn how to create beautiful digital albums using Apple Keynote for iPad or iPhone. Over the course of 3-weeks, I’ll cover everything from adding images and text to animations and transitions. You’ll also learn how to convert your digital kits and templates to sizes that work with your mobile device and how to take your Project Life mobile.
Signup for iScrapit now and learn to take your scrapbooking mobile.

May 4, 2012

A+ Graduation Cards

Top 5 Reasons why our Cards get an A+

1.  New Free Templates! We don't raise the price when you use our templates.
2.  Easy to Create Software. Have a card made in under 3 minutes!
3.  Save Card Designs and come back later.
4.  Free Envelopes when ordering card packages.
5. Affordable! 4x6 Cards start at only .59¢ each!

(, you can't go wrong with Persnickety Prints! Choose from Matte, Gloss, or Metallic Photographic Papers, or our 110# Cardstock; Bright White, Pearl or Linen) 

May 3, 2012

Instagram Hashtag Contest - Perspective

perspective |pərˈspektiv|
• a view or angle 

 Instagram Hashtag contest theme: PERSPECTIVE

1. This week (May 3-10)- take a smart phone photo of any subject using a different "perspective" or angle than you normally would. 
Step out of the box, or under it, to grab that unique shot!

2. Post it to Instagram with hashtags #persnicketyprints and #perspective
Check out other tagged Instagram Photos and where they originated!

PROJECT RULES: Please only submit photos you yourself have taken this week. One entry per day is eligible for winning. Top submissions will be highlighted and one winner will be chosen by our staff.  Winner will be posted here on our blog, Friday May 11. Sunday May 13. 
WINNER: Receives a $25 Persnickety Prints credit to their account to print Instagrams! (or whatever you may need)


May 2, 2012

Instagram Contest and a Blog Hop

Have you ever participated in a "blog hop"?
It's much more fun and exciting than any other "hop" I've ever done!

What is a Blog Hop?
Here's how they typically work..... Digital Designers collaborate on one huge, awesome Digital Kit  (lingo: "collab"). One designer starts the "hop" and gives you pieces to the collab kit. At the end of the hop, you have one entire kit downloaded, for free!

Blog Hops are a Win-Win. 
There are so many blogs in our virtual world. How in the world do you keep up with them all? With a blog hop, you can not only get cool stuff, you can get to know each designer personally. Hey, maybe one of these artists is your next-door neighbor? You never know!

Hop into a blog that you love? Why not bookmark it? Subscribe? Add it to your reader or feed. You can even pin it to come back later and dive in a little more. Designers create these awesome graphics for us, let's give back. It's always appropriate to leave a little "thank you" in the comments. Bloggers like to know that someone is hearing what they have to say!

Design House Digital Blog Hop
Today's blog hop has a little twist. We've decided that it's kind of a pain to download 20 pieces to one kit. Why not offer one download all zipped into a nice little folder? 
That's exactly how this hop is gonna roll.

Check out this AmAzing Kit! RetrospectThe designers at DHD have just gone above and beyond!  [woot! I can think of 100 different ways I am gonna use it! Can't wait!]

Rather than gathering up pieces, we're giving you a letter at each blog stop. At the end of the road you will have a complete coupon code to redeem this kit for free in the DHD store. If you have landed here at the Persnickety Prints blog first, head to the start to collect your letters.
Got it?

Hold that thought... Back By Popular Demand...

Since my last 4 blog posts about Instagram; here, here, here, and here.
Instagram has grown by the millions, not to mention has been bought by a little company called Facebook. Instagram has also delivered some cool new features, and is now available for Android users (not just iPhone). 
People have flocked to Instagram because it's easy to use, provides free filters to make photos look even better, it's free, and it's fun. 
A great way to bring your Instagram pictures to life... is to print them!

WIN a $25 Persnickety Gift Certificate in our weekend Instagram Hashtag Contest: #Perspective

Layout Challenge Participants: my challenge is to use at least ONE Instagram or filtered photo in your layout.

Ok, ready for your Blog Hop Letter? We are letter....

Now head on over to Karla Dudley's blog where you can collect the last and final letter!